Gaming chairs for PC, what to consider when buying one

Gaming chairs for PC, what to consider when buying one

Having a good chair is very important for users who spend many hours with the PC every day. The market offers us a wide variety of gaming chairs, which have been designed to provide the best comfort to its users, although we must take into account some factors when choosing one. In this article we explain the most important aspects that you must take into account to buy your new gaming chair.

How to choose a good gaming chair for your PC

There are several factors to consider when choosing our chair, from the material with which it is manufactured, its structure, the upholstery, the possibility of reclining it and much more . Here we explain everything you need to know to make a good purchase.

Chair frame

The structure is one of the most important parts of a PC gaming chair. As with houses, the most beautiful decoration is useless if the foundations fail. Most manufacturers do a good job in this regard, but it's always good to check before checking out.

Gaming chair structure

Steel and aluminum are the most resistant materials, so they should be the base of our gaming chair. Make sure the chair you want to buy has a five-pointed star-shaped base made of steel or aluminum . This part will support a lot of weight so it must be as robust as possible. If you see a chair that has this piece made of a lower quality material such as plastic, run away from it. Corsair and Drift are two brands that do an excellent job in this regard.

Wheels and gas piston

The wheels are the part of the chair that contacts the ground, so they must be respectful with it to avoid damage. Look for a chair that has nylon wheels, a material that is very soft and allows for effortless gliding. It is also interesting that the wheels are large, a diameter of 60 mm and 10 spokes is recommended so that they do not suffer with the weight.

The gas piston is another fundamental element in a gaming chair, it is the piece that joins the base with the seat, and also allows the latter to be raised and lowered. The gas piston must also support a lot of weight , in fact it has to be able to support the weight of the user and of various parts of the chair such as the seat and backrest.

The best gas pistons are made of high quality steel and can support up to 150 kg of weight . There are many chairs with pistons that support up to 120 kg, you should not have problems with them, but a higher figure is a sign that it is manufactured with high quality components. You may see something like "Class 4 Gas Piston" this is the name used with the best models. The travel of the gas pistons is usually about 7-10 cm. The union of the piston to the seat must allow inclination.


Padding is also essential to achieve a great wearing experience. In this case, it is not about how much weight it can support, but about how comfortable it will be for the user. The FOAM or polyethylene foam padding is the best quality that exists , it is a high density spongy material (Up to 50Kg / m3) very resistant, while soft and pleasant to the touch.

The FOAM padding adapts perfectly to the user's body making it very comfortable in long sessions. It is also a moisture resistant material, something essential to prevent your chair from deteriorating with use and time.


The upholstery covers the padding of the chair, being the material that contacts the user. There are basically two types of upholstery for gaming chairs, the leather one and the fabric one . Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Padded gaming chair

The leather upholstery has the advantage of being more aesthetic and less dirty, being very easy to clean because it hardly absorbs liquids, it is also usually a more resistant material than fabric. On the other hand, the leather upholstery has the disadvantage that it is not breathable, so it will make you sweat much more in summer.

On the other hand, the fabric upholstery is very breathable giving less heat and making you sweat much less. This makes it a more suitable material for the hotter months. The disadvantages of leather upholstery are that it gets dirty very easily and that it is less resistant than leather. This is why almost no fabric upholstered chairs are made.

It is very difficult to consider one of these materials the winner, surely the most decisive factor is whether you live in a very hot area or not , and whether you have a habit of eating and drinking in your gaming chair. The choice is not easy.


It is important that the gaming chair you want to buy has armrests adjustable in height and position . The main manufacturers bet on armrests with 3D or 4D movement, which means that you can adjust their height as well as rotate them. All are usually made of plastic, so there is not much to consider when it comes to the material of manufacture.

Gaming chair armrest


Gaming chairs generally come with cushions for the lumbar and cervical areas, these can be put on and taken off according to your preference of use. These cushions are supposed to make the chair more comfortable, although there is some debate as to whether or not they actually improve comfort. Make sure that the chair you want to buy includes these cushions , this way you can check if they are useful or not.

Gaming chair cushions

Reclining backrest

Good quality gaming chairs usually allow the backrest to be reclined to a maximum of 170º or 180º , this makes the back stay parallel with the floor as if you had been lying in bed. You will hardly use such a large recline, but you will want your chair to be able to tip back when you go to see a movie or your favorite series. The position of the backrest is adjusted by a small lever that is usually on the right side of the chair.

Gaming recliner chair

So far our article on what you should take into account when buying a gaming chair for PC. We hope this information helps you choose the right model so that you have the best possible user experience. Remember that if you have any questions you can leave a comment.