Bose Soundlink Revolve: wireless music in every direction

Bose Soundlink Revolve

Although there are more and more options to choose a Bluetooth speaker , Bose offers us something different with its Soundlink Revolve. In addition to an elegant and robust design (metal finish and hard rubber) it sounds with unexpected power and in all directions. The “360 degree sound” becomes a reality here and that, together with its resistance to the elements, make it ideal for terraces or swimming pools in summer. It is on sale for 160 euros (RRP 200 euros).

One way and three internal speakers

To achieve that truly “360-degree” sound, Bose horizontally mounts a circular speaker at the bottom of the Revolve, facing downward. There, at its base, is a circular acoustic diffuser that distributes sound in all directions. This speaker is all band, that is, it reproduces bass, midrange and treble. What really “expands” in all directions are mids and highs, and for bass it is assisted by two rectangular (passive) speakers located on top of the Revolve's body.

This physical layout, plus Bose's electronic "magic" in processing and equalizing signals, make these speakers something to listen to . If you try it, you will only have to choose which of its range you stay ... Do this: put on music that has all the frequencies (the rhythm of a drums plus a guitar and a voice), leave it on a table and walk around. You will not be able to appreciate any change in key while playing. That is exactly that " 360 degree sound " thing.

Without cables

The Bose Soundlink Revolve has a battery that we can charge through its micro USB port, or with an optional base. The battery announces 12 hours of autonomy and from our experience with Bose wireless speakers it will not be short. The connectivity, in addition to USB and apart from an auxiliary stereo input (the typical 3.5 millimeter jack) is Bluetooth.

If you want Wifi, you have to go to models like the Bose Home Portable Speaker but if you plan to use it away from home and with Wifi coverage, Bluetooth will be more practical (and cheaper) . As you know, this allows you to link your mobile or other compatible device and send music easily, at distances of up to approximately ten meters.

Without hands

Connected to our mobile, the Bose Soundlink Revolve has a button dedicated to "call" attendees. Either Siri (iOS) or Google (Android) it will not be necessary to have the mobile nearby to ask for other music or ask anything to the speaker, and that "they" obey us or respond.

It also serves as a practical "hands-free" for phone calls . As a family, those who have had a Bose Revolve during confinement will have been able to hold group conversations more easily. Thanks to its 360 degree sound and its sensitive microphone, the family could be around the table talking with cousins, uncles, grandparents ...

Compact and robust

This speaker measures just 15 centimeters high by 8 in diameter , but weighs 660 grams. Its outer casing is metallic, in one-piece aluminum, topped at the top where the buttons are by a section of resistant rubber. Underneath it also lelva rubber and a thread in case we want to put it on a tripod (it is the measure of the cameras).

Bose Soundlink Revolve (2)

Splash water resistant

It is resistant to water splashes , that is, IPX4 certified. We cannot throw it into the water, it is not submersible, but we can have it next to the pool in summer, or in the bathroom in winter. In addition, Bose emphasizes that the speaker is resistant to (slight) drops . Thanks to its structure and rubber parts, it withstands falls without being damaged (we confess that we have not tested it).