Panasonic Viera Smart TV Curved CR850

Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850

Panasonic Smart TV curved CR850

It is called the Panasonic Viera CR850 and it is a small family of curved televisions with an Ultra High Definition panel (UHD or 4K). A giant screens ( 55 and 65 inches ) specialists in taking full advantage of multimedia functions. To access its intelligent functions, it is accompanied by the Firefox OS operating  system developed by the Internet firm Mozilla .

These privileged screens from Panasonic also offer a very distinguished image. On the other hand, it is equipped by the 4K Studio Maste r image processor and various technologies that refine the quality of reproduction and the depth of color with both still photos and with movies and video in general. A practical point is that, in these Panasonic TVs , the brightness is adjusted automatically, depending on the light we have in the room. We are now going to review the key points of this  Panasonic Viera CR850.

Panasonic Viera CR850


The  Panasonic Viera CR850 bet on a design of simple and minimalist shapes to let the curve be the protagonist. They are made of metal in two finishes, silver for the frame that surrounds the screen, which is thinner so that the image takes all the attention, while the pedestal has a darker finish . Although they are not flat, they allow you to place them on the wall with a special support to avoid having the usual furniture under the TV. The 55-inch model weighs 23.5 kg without a stand and the 65-inch model goes up to 36.5 kg.


We could debate once again whether curved TVs offer a more immersive visual experience, but in this case we are going to focus on the benefits it offers, which are not few. As we advance, the  Panasonic Viera CR850 have resolution UHD , the so - called 4K which translates to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels . They feature 1600Hz BRM LED technology for fluid motion and the Supreme Contrast enhancement with Local Dimming Pro that achieves deeper blacks and bright whites without contaminating each other. But there is not everything, the  Panasonic Viera CR850 comes with a quad-core processorand a 4K Studio Master Processor image processing system that achieves colors faithful to the original source. Finally, we highlight other image enhancement tools such as Pure Direct 4K, Wide Color Phosphor and Studio Master Color.

Panasonic Viera CR850


As a good multimedia equipment, sound also has a special role. Panasonic has solved the audio problem with a set of speakers that offer up to 40W of power. They consist of two midrange speakers and two bass speakers, each rated at 10W, to cover all frequencies and achieve a deep and nuanced sound. Technology also features Dolby Digital Plus and VR-Master Audio 2.1 Surround. Available sound modes include Standard, Music, Ambience, and User.

Smart TV platform

It is one of the novelties of the Panasonic Viera CR850 , its Smart TV platform . The company started a collaboration with Mozilla to install its Firefox OS system on TVs in the Viera range, and the CR850s integrate this platform as standard. It comes with My Home Screen 2.0, a home screen from which we can access all the most important sections such as channels, installed applications and devices that we have connected. It also comes with the Firefox web browser, Panasonic Media Center, My Stream 2 installed and comes with a voice assistant with integrated voice guidance. Besides its double tunerallows us to watch two channels at the same time (PiP) so that there are no longer fights for the command at home.

Firefox OS hasn't worked on mobiles, but it has an opportunity as an entertainment platform. Android TV is not as well established as its mobile version and here Firefox shows its chest with a very fast and fluid system, but we will have to see what happens in the near future.

Panasonic Viera CR850

Controls and connections

The Panasonic Viera CR850 are well loaded with connectors that are distributed between the side and the back of the chassis. The HDMIs are six in total, three normal and another three with 4K 50 / 60p support with HDCP 2.2. In the case of USB connections there are only three, with a USB 3.0 port that offers a faster transfer speed and allows you to record content on an external hard drive. It could not miss the Ethernet cable connector and WiFi connectivity to access the Internet. Also has CI connector, SCART, SD memory card input, component video inputand digital audio output . Wireless connections also include DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 so you can connect a keyboard and mouse. It includes a TouchPad Remote control that allows us to move through the menus comfortably and can be controlled through the official app with a smartphone or tablet.

Panasonic Viera CR850

Availability and opinions

Panasonic announced in February that the new Panasonic Viera CR850 curved televisions  would be available for purchase from October. Most of the equipment presented together with the CR580 is already available, but for now these models are reluctant to land in stores, so there is still no official data about their price.

The curved TV fever deflated quite quickly, but all manufacturers continue to offer several models with this feature. The reality is that the immersive experience that they promise is not a big deal either and in most cases they tend to make the product very expensive. Despite this, the  Panasonic Viera CR850 compensate for this detail with a very complete technical profile. They include the latest brand image technologies and Firefox OS , an interesting proposal within the segmented terrain of Smart TV platforms that could gain a foothold in the current panorama.

Panasonic Viera CR850

Panasonic Viera Smart TV Curved CR850

ModelViera SMart TV CR850


Size 55/65 inch
ResolutionUltra HD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Refresh rate1,600 Hz BMR IFC
FeaturesPicture mode: Dynamic / Normal / Cinema / True Cinema / User


Supreme contrast

Studio master color

4K Studio Master Processor

Quad Core Processor

Wide Color Phosphor

Local Dimming Pro

4K Pure Direct


Dimensions without stand55 inches: 1,236 x 727 x 124 mm

65 inches: 1,454 x 850 x 143 mm

Weight without stand55 inches: 23.5 Kg

65 inches: 36.5 Kg


TechnologyDolby Digital Plus

Sound modes: Standard / Music / Ambience / User

VR-Audio Master Surround 2.1

Speakers40 W (10 W x 2 + 10 W x 2)

(Mid Speaker + Tweeter) x 2, Subwoofer x 2, Quad Passive Radiator Speaker


With cables3x HDMI

3x HDMI (4K 60 / 50p with HDCP2.2)

3x USB (1x USB 3.0)


SD card

SCART connector

CI xcommon interface

Component video input

Digital audio output

Identical HD tuner and HD triple tuner

Without cablesIntegrated WiFi


Bluetooth 4.0

Smart tv

FeaturesPanasonic Smart TV with Firefox OS

My Home Screen 2.0

My Stream 2

Voice assistant

Panasonic Media Center

In-House TV Streaming

Panasonic TV Remote Apps

Firefox web browser

Touch Pad remote TV

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websitePanasonic

Price approx. 2,500 euros 

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