Goodbye to Hotmail and Messenger

Messenger integrates with Skype

Microsoft is going through a profound generational change. The evolution of Windows 8 or the changes to the Office platform are joined by two tools that became very popular, but have lost some relevance for some time. We are talking about the free email platform Hotmail and the instant messaging application Messenger . Both will disappear in no time to make way for Outlook and Skype . We tell you all the details about the changes that are taking place in this platform and about the deadlines that Microsoft has given to carry out the migration.

Just yesterday the company published that Outlook had entered its final version. This web email platform replaces the popular Hotmail , which over the past year lost the top position in the market (surpassed Gmail ). Of course, Outlook maintains most of the functions that we already had in the previous mail platform. Actually, the main change consists of a renewed interface, more visual and closer to the appearance of Windows 8 . The previous version of Outlook has coexisted for the last months with the old Hotmail interface , but from now on, users who want to continue using their email accountMicrosoft will have to get used to Outlook .

Goodbye to Hotmail and Messenger 1

The migration of this platform will take place gradually over the next few months, and the process will end in the summer . The user will keep his contacts and his old email address, as well as his password to enter the service. The change is made automatically, without having to perform any action by the user (just enter the platform with the same username and password). The main reason that has led the company to change the name of its mail service has been the negative image that has been associated with Hotmail in recent years.

The case of Messenger is different. The instant messaging application became a very popular tool, but in recent times it has fallen into decline. The company has decided to integrate Messenger into Skype . Microsoft bought this application to make video calls last year in its largest purchase in history . As in the case of Hotmail , all the data of our contacts is also kept. At first, it was set as a deadline of March 15 to continue using Messenger , although the American company has decided to delay this deadline until April 8.

From then on, Microsoft will gradually stop offering service through Messenger (the process will take a few weeks, according to the software company). To make the change to Skype , it is necessary to have this application and integrate our Hotmail account . When we open the application, we have the option to start account with our Microsoft credentials . We write the same email address and password that we use to enter Messenger. Contacts appear on the left of the screen with the same color in the icons (green for available status and red for unavailable status). In addition to chatting, we can make calls through the network. What do you think of the new changes that the American company is introducing in these services?