HP Pavilion g6 and g7, affordable and attractive laptops

HP Pavilion G6

The HP brand is one of the most successful North American brands in recent years. This does not happen only by the fact of manufacturing computers that are of good quality , but also by worrying about keeping all those machines updated and renewed every so often. What he has done now is present the update of one of his most beneficial products. These are the new HP Pavilion g6 and HP Pavilion g7 , laptops with different screens but they have a lot in common .

There are many possible configurations in each model, although the main difference will always be the same between the g6 and the g7 , which is the screen . The first is 15.6 inches , while the second is somewhat larger, 17.3 diagonal . The processor is what varies the most, and it is logical since it is what will decide the final power of the computer. You can choose between two different brands, Intel or AMD . The first puts two of the latest generation , which can be a Core i3 or a Core i5 , both dual-coreand with the ability to simulate two other processing threads. AMD offers us a less powerful but somewhat more affordable solution with a dual-core A4-3305M .

HP Pavilion G7

The graphics card is another of the components that can also be chosen depending on what we need or what we want to spend. In this case we will not be able to change the brand, since HP has eliminated the NVIDIA cards of this model. AMD is the one who will be in charge of supplying us with the graphic power that we need . It also does it with dedicated cards of at least 1 GB, which is a lot of capacity .

If to this we add that the RAM starts at 4 GB , we immediately realize that they are machines designed for any type of use . They are worth us if what we want is to simply surf the net or see some documents , but they are also a very good solution if what we are looking for is to hit the latest generation video games . Also, thanks to the speed of the processor that each model incorporates, we can run several applications at the same time without having to worry about performance at any time .

HP Pavilion G6

The design is what attracts the most attention in these models. They have been designed to be very attractive no matter where you look . A shape with very few corners and with all rounded edges , and a very pleasant touch that is anti-fingerprint, is responsible for this. The colors in which they are available are navy blue, black and red . It has a trackpad to match the color of the machine and a “chiclet” keyboard , that is, with the rubber keys and something separated so that it is very comfortable to write.

The connectivity is another point in favor. It has several USB 2.0 ports and another USB 3.0 to transfer files faster, Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet without cables, CD and DVD reader and recorder, webcam and microphone . It also has an HDMI output in case we want to see the content on a monitor that accepts high definition (HD) and in FullHD format .

We see that the American HP wants to reach the largest number of users with its new machines. The new HP Pavilion g6 and HP Pavilion g7 laptops are now available on the market. They can be purchased from authorized sellers or on the brand's own website . The prices start at about 450 euros for the two models. Of course, if we get demanding, the price can increase a lot, all depending on the components we need.