Movistar Imagenio's channel offer is reduced

movistar imagenio

Imagenio's Internet television subscribers have started the year with a new grid where various specialized channels have disappeared. The casualties include programming related to documentaries , music and sports . The contracts between Telefónica and the various content providers expired at the end of the year; several of them have not been renovated. In total there are thirteen casualties; most are channels produced by Viacom and Discovery Networks. Five music channels disappear : MTV Dance (dance music), MTV Hits (current hits), MTV Rocks (rock, indie and alternative), VH1(pop and rock from before the 90s) and Trace TV (selected pieces).

To this must be added three documentary channels: Discovery Science (science and technology), Discovery Civilization (history and society), and Discovery Turbo (motor world). On the contrary, Telefónica has managed to retain Discovery Channel which, however, has left the Canal + offer. The leisure offer suffers the disappearance of Animax , an animation channel linked to the Sony Entertainment group. On the other hand, sports fans will no longer be able to enjoy two classics, such as Extreme Sports (live broadcasts of extreme sports) and ESPN Classic(sports competitions of the past). They also fall off the grid of Imagenio Nautical Channel (spaces above the sail) and The Poker Channel .

movistar imagenio

The IPTV platform Telefonica ahead in December that it would lose a dozen channels supplied by Fox and Chello Multicanal , which has finally managed to maintain . At that time, there was doubt about the continuity of the Historia, Bio, and Crimen & Investigación channels (belonging to Chello Multicanal), whose contract has been renewed. In addition, Telefónica has managed to expand the agreement with Fox International to keep Baby TV , Fox , Fox Crime , NGC , NG Wild , and Fox News .

Telefónica supplies the Movistar Imagenio television service through ADSL, VDSL or fiber . It currently sells three packages: Imagenio Leisure, Imagenio Deportes and Imagenio Familiar. The most complete package is Imagenio Familia r, which costs 36.18 euros per month (VAT included). The subscription to Imagenio Sports is priced at 24.20 euros per month (VAT included), and the cheapest option is Imagenio Leisure, which is worth 14.52 euros per month (VAT included). All subscribers can access the video store to rent premieres from 1 euro, but only those who have fiber in their homes will be able to enjoy the content in HD. Access to theVideo library costs 2 euros per month, except in the case of the Imagenio Ocio package , which is included in the price. Canal + Champions League is free this season for Imagenio Deportes and Imagenio Familiar customers ; all of them can also watch nine First Division football matches per day, Replay Football and international leagues (Premier, Calcio, Bundesliga).