How to add icons of your social networks in the Gmail signature

social networks sign Gmail

A very easy way to share your social media profiles is to add your own icons to your Gmail signature . In this way, you will facilitate the task of those people with whom you have direct contact by mail that they can look for you on these types of platforms. Just by clicking they will go directly to your Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter profile . This way of sharing links to networks has several advantages. On the one hand, it provides more professionalism to the signature of the emails, it is also not intrusive , the contact is the one who decides at all times if they want to click on your social networks or not.

To add icons of your social networks in your email signature, you have to first enter the Gmail configuration area . Click on the gear-wheel-shaped image in the upper right corner, just below the profile photo. Once the drop-down menu has opened, click on the settings area . A page full of options will appear. Scroll down to the very end, to the signature section, which you will have to have activated.

social networks sign Gmail

Then add the signature text in the text editor that you will find. If you have a business, promote your brand here. It is advisable to publicize what we do or the place where we are working . Then insert all the data that you want to make public. It is now when you have to place the icons of your social networks. Set the signature cursor exactly the same as if you were starting a new line of text. Then click on the insert image icon You will not be able to insert an image that you have saved on your computer, you will have to enter the web address (URL) of one that is already published on the Internet. Get the web address or URLof an image from the Internet is relatively easy. You just have to right-click on any photo you see on an Internet page and choose the copy link option.

To find the appropriate image of the icons of any of the social networks in which you are registered, we recommend iconfinder. Here you will find practically any icon you may need, with several versions of different designs, many of them free. When you have chosen yours (we recommend that you choose one with a maximum size of 24i — 24 pixels), return to the Gmail signature configuration page where you had the option to Add an image in the signature open. Right click on Image URLand select the paste (or copy) option to place the web address that you have chosen in the previous step. If you have done everything correctly, when you click accept you will already have the image placed in the signature.

To finish, just add the link to the image . To do this, select the image that you just put, dragging the cursor with the left mouse button pressed. Once the image is selected you will see that it appears included within a blue square. Then, with the image selected, go to the link option . In the window that opens, you must insert the web address you want to go to when clicking on the image. In this case, the web address of the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or social network profile of your choice . You will have to repeat the whole process for each link to social networks that you want to put.