DriverEasy, update Windows drivers


DriverEasy is a program with a free version that has interesting functions (although the paid version allows more convenience) and that is used to scan the computer in search of missing drivers and those that are obsolete and then download them directly from the maker. It is very useful for its ease of use, since in a few steps we can update our equipment and improve the performance of the peripherals. We tell you all the details and offer you a download link.

DriverEasy 3.5.2 is a program with a very intuitive interface , in which it is difficult to get lost since in a few seconds the entire main process is understood . First, click on the big green button that says “scan now” . For a few seconds the program scans the system to find outdated and missing drivers. All the drivers will appear on the right and on the left the number of outdated drivers, the number of missing drivers, the number of missing devices, and the time it took to scan.


The next step is to click on "get drivers" . Despite the attractiveness of the large button to download all drivers at once, the free version only allows you to download drivers one by one . To do this, each one of them will be clicked on the "download" button . After the download is complete, you need to install the driver manually . It is true that it is a somewhat tedious step, but it is worth it when it comes to keeping the equipment up to date and there is only a major update the first time.

The program also has several interesting tools. The most prominent is to create backup copies of the drivers that the computer had before updating them, a very useful option since compatibility problems sometimes occur. The tool is also useful to be able to know in more depth the different specifications of the equipment , such as the CPU, the motherboard or the hard disk. DriverEasy works for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 . In short, it is a useful tool that allows you to get out of the way in a dignified way in its free version, although the download of drivers can be somewhat tedious.

Download DriverEasy 3.5.2 from the official website.