▷ Amazon Prime: all the advantages you enjoy when paying Amazon


Amazon Prime, Amazon's subscription service, has many benefits beyond free shipping. Currently the subscription price is 36 euros per year, and as with the original subscription of 19.95 euros, contracting it has a trial period of 30 days with which we can reject the contract if so we wish. But what advantages do we really get with Amazon Prime beyond free shipping? A few weeks ago we showed you how to get 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for free with Amazon Prime. Today we will see all the advantages of the Amazon payment service.

All the benefits of Amazon Prime 2019

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In addition to the shipping costs at cost 0, Amazon Prime has many advantages related not only to the price of the products on the platform itself, but also to the services attached to it.

Amazon Prime shipping benefits

  • Same day shipping of a selection of Amazon Prime compatible products for minimum orders of 29 euros in most postal codes in Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Shipping of products compatible with Amazon Prime to any address in Spain with the possibility of adding different addresses regardless of habitual residence.
  • Shipping of a selection of products compatible with Amazon Prime Now in less than two hours in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and surroundings.
  • Shipping of all products compatible with Amazon Prime in one business day (for the peninsula).
  • Shipment of all Amazon Prime compatible products in 2-3 business days .
  • Insured shipping on the same day as the launch of books, video games and DVDs purchased during the pre-sale period.
  • Free shipping of all products present in Amazon Pantry  with a minimum of five products in the basket.

Amazon Prime pricing advantages

  • In flash sales the prices will be revealed 30 minutes before the launch to buy the products in advance.
  • In products present in Amazon Family such as diapers we will get a 15% discount .
  • In Twitch.tv accounts we will obtain certain discounts on several games available in presale , as well as a free subscription to a Twitch.tv channel and the possibility of viewing the entire platform without ads.
  • Exclusive access to programs such as Prime Day or Black Friday with offers compatible only with Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Advantages of services attached to Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Prime Reading : Full access to the entire free Prime Reading eBook catalog from the Kindle app for Android and iOS and Kindle and Fire devices.
  • Amazon Prime Video : full access to the entire catalog of movies and series present in Prime Video and Amazon Prime Originals.
  • Amazon Prime Music : full access to the entire Prime Music music catalog with a monthly limit of 40 hours of playback.
  • Amazon Prime Photos : Unlimited image and photo storage from any device compatible with the application.
  • Amazon Prime Family : exclusive catalog of products oriented to the care of babies with the 15% discount on diapers mentioned above.
  • Amazon Prime Pantry : Exclusive catalog of home-oriented “pantry” products. Food, cleaning products, soft drinks, personal care, coffee, pets, cosmetics with free shipping on all five products.
  • Amazon Twitch Prime : Exclusive access to the Twitch Prime service with free games, game loot, and exclusive platform titles. We can also enjoy Twitch without advertising and a free subscription to a channel.

And some cons of Amazon Prime

plus amazon products

All that glitters was not going to be gold. Although the Amazon Prime subscription includes a large number of Amazon services, there are exemptions that affect the distribution of some products sold within Amazon.

  • The Amazon Prime subscription is reserved for end customers with private use of the products only. In no case will it be compatible with clients of companies whose purpose is commercial.
  • The Amazon Prime subscription is reserved for customers with a billing address in Spain .
  • Plus products will continue to require a minimum amount to be distributed.
  • Products compatible with Delivery Today will continue to require a minimum amount of 29 euros to be distributed in the cities participating in the program.
  • If any of the products in a certain order are not covered by Amazon Prime, shipping costs related to the product in question will be charged .
  • In case of exhausting all the hours of reproduction of Amazon Prime Music, we will have to purchase the subscription to the service.

So is Amazon Prime worth it in 2019?

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After the subscription price rises to almost double, the question is unavoidable, is Amazon Prime worth paying for? It depends.

Taking into account that the average shipping price per order on Amazon is 3.95 euros, the minimum order amount throughout the year for a subscription to Amazon Prime to be profitable is nine . From the tenth order we will exceed the total price of the subscription, which currently reaches 36 euros.

In the case of services, the cost of subscriptions such as Prime Video, Prime Photos or Prime Music exceeds in other companies the 36 euros per year that the paid subscription to Amazon supposes, so if the main reason for hiring lies in these In addition to the free delivery, the service will be worth it from the first month. After all, services such as Netflix, iCloud Drive or Spotify, as a whole, exceed Amazon's contracting price per month .

What if I just want free shipping?

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In this case, Amazon has created a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime at a cost of 3.99 euros (about 47.88 euros per year).

The subscription in question includes all the advantages mentioned above, in addition to free shipping. To take full advantage of this type of subscription, it is best to combine all pending orders during the month of duration to take full advantage of it in the event that we do not want to opt for the annual subscription of 36 euros.