The funniest GIFs of the week

The week is already over. Did you realize that it is already Friday? The time has come to disappear through the office door and start enjoying the weekend . That is why we have encouraged ourselves to share the best memes we have seen on the Internet in these last seven days.

The first one we want to share with you is that of this reunited family. Here the youngest of the house, when they go to see their mother on weekends. And it makes them some nice macaroni . This is what happens after having subsisted all week on frozen croquettes and sanjacobos.

The funniest GIFs of week 1

But this week has also been full of news. Without going any further, in the Congress of Deputies, Ramón Espinar has been seen drinking two Coca-Colas after having presented the proposal to eliminate this refreshing drink from the Congress bar.

This is the exhausted face that has remained after seeing all the memes that have circulated through the networks. And it is that they have caught him red-handed.

And it is not only Coca-Cola man lives. For many, the weekend will be just what we see up here. Although it is already known, that you have to consume them in moderation ...


And from Ramón Espinar to a very different extreme: José María Aznar . The former prime minister has become meme meat this week. Why? Well, for having appeared in the Bertín Osborne program.

His statements about the Azores photo have caused havoc . And is not for less. Some say that he has tried to do a facelift, putting on the most false of his smiles. Or not?

And this can be any of us. On Friday, at 6 in the afternoon. One of those days in which you are clueless believing that it is Thursday. But no: life just gave you a gift. It's Friday!

Do you know Tekila, the winner of the last edition of Got Talent Spain? Well if you didn't see him, this is more or less what he did on stage. If you had nothing to do this weekend, here's work: see if you can perfect this technique for Monday.

The funniest GIFs of week 2

And although we are often slaves today, one can never resist posting some of these animal memes. Here is the beast of the house : able to park the poor cat in order to get hold of the stuffed hedgehog.

Well, this is you, one Sunday morning, after having a good party. It happens that you go to bed at five in the morning, with your phone in hand and a WhatsApp message halfway through writing. Then you wake up in the morning and there is no way to locate the phone between the sheets . Where could it be?

Although beware, weekends are also designed for cleaning. Vacuuming, folding clothes, going through the bathrooms, dusting… If you don't know how to get down to work, take a look at this gif and take an example of this diligent kitten. 

The funniest GIFs of week 3

And we leave you with the last GIF of the week. That of a super cop who is not afraid of anything. Or if? A little mouse hits a corner and the man has the scare of his life. But where has this man been given the title of policeman?