Google search now compares mobile features

Google search now compares device features

The Google search engine has become more than just a search engine. Google is constantly adding small news, such as small changes in the design, new information and above all, some new features. Surely you know that by searching for example, ”˜calculator” ™ a small application will appear on the search page, without having to enter any specific website . The same thing happens with the Google translator, with the currency converter etc. It seems that Google has added another option to this feature, to compare two phones.

This feature is arriving in a staggered fashion. It is the possibility of comparing the specifications of two mobiles at the same time, without having to enter any web page . It will appear on the Google search page, just by searching, for example, Google Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL. The box will mainly show the different opinions of the users. Also, a list with features such as approximate price and available stores, colors, release date, screen, processor, battery life, connectivity, etc. In addition, it has an option to mark the different characteristics of both models. The box can be extended to show more information.

A useful feature, which only has two devices

The feature has yet to be officially announced by the Mountain View firm. According to GSMArena, at the moment there are only two phones available to compare , the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL. Both terminals of the big G. Most likely they will implement new terminals before launching this option for all users. An option that is undoubtedly very interesting. Above all, for those undecided buyers, who want to quickly know the differences between one mobile or another. Unfortunately, this is bad news for those pages that will buy only the features in list form. Although they will continue to appear in the search engine, first, there will be the new Google tab.

Via: GSMArena