Enrique Iglesias or Nicky Jam, who is more popular on Spotify

Enrique Iglesias or Nicky Jam, who is more popular on Spotify

They are two greats of commercial music and dance . But which of them has the most followers? Enrique Iglesias has been in fashion for a long time, but the truth is that in recent years he has released songs that have been very popular with the general public.

One of the most talked about triumphs last summer. It hurts my heart was one of the most listened to and danced songs in the world.  Although she has other hits, such as Bailando or Hero. Recently, however, Enrique Iglesias has triumphed with another fashion artist named Nicky Jam. And he has done so by launching a song called "El Perdón" and that almost reaches 380,000 views on Spotify and is close to a million views on YouTube.

But who of the two has more followers? Julio Iglesias' prodigal and billionaire son? Or this man named  Nick Rivera , from Boston and the king of reggaeton in the United States?

Enrique Iglesias wins by very little

Nicky Jam is younger than Enrique Iglesias, but the truth is that they started in this music business almost at the same time. The one from Boston started doing this when he was still a child, back in 1994. The son of Julio Iglesias and the Preysler released his first album in 1995 .

On Spotify, the Dancing performer has a whopping 13.901.746 million monthly listeners . Nicky Jam is a little behind, but is on his heels, with 13,730,130 million. We are talking about a difference of 171,616 followers, which for practical purposes is not that important either.

A little further away are other international artists such as Lady Gaga (13,193,030 monthly listeners). Luckily, there are other groups and singers that surpass the numbers of those of reggaeton. Although they move under the label of commercial music, Adele has more than 22 million listeners a month and Ed Sheeran, current number one on the charts, has a legion of more than 46 million followers a month .