Discover how you will look in 20 or 30 years with this website

Discover how you will look in 20 or 30 years with this website

The future worries us. It is an indisputable fact. Being able to guess what our future will be like is something, however, that not everyone is interested in. There are those who fear for everything that will come, or who prefer (or try) to live from day to day without worrying much about tomorrow. There are already websites that try to be 'time machines', like FutureMe, with which you program emails that will reach you, yourself, in the near (or distant) future. Now we have to discover a website that tells us what we will be like in 20 years. Do you dare to discover if you will be like your mother? Or like your father?

Old man or interesting old man?

in20years is the name of the website that ensures you show yourself but with 20 years on top. If you dare to inquire and discover what you will be like in 20 years, the procedure is very simple.

  • First, enter the web in20years. On the page you will see numerous examples of how various photos uploaded by users have turned out .
  • On the page you can choose your gender, age and, the most curious thing, you can see how you would be in 20 years if you were hooked on drugs. We do not know very well who would want to be 20 years older and with drug addictions in between ... but there is the function.
  • Then, we will have to upload a photo in which we appear in the foreground, centered and with good lighting conditions. To upload the photo, click on 'Upload your photo' and choose it from our PC or laptop.

in20years interface

  • We wait for the page to complete the process of making the photograph. Once completed, in order to see it, we have to enter our email. One tip: uncheck the box for receiving advertising . Or you can enter a fictitious email account. The page does not investigate if that is your legitimate email.
  • The page also gives you the URL of your photo, so you can share it without downloading it. Although yes, of course, you can also download it to your computer, as you would with any other photo.

FaceApp, an alternative for Android and iPhone

From time to time, the in20years website can give you certain problems when uploading the photo you want. If you see that the result of the photo is a black background, try it with others or simply download FaceApp, an application that first became all the rage on Iphone and later did the same on iOS.

A very fun application with quite effective results, as well as having a very practical and simple operation. You can also create collages with the different faces they offer you: it will not only make you old, but young, smiling, with a girl's or boy's face, bald, like the protagonist of Breaking Bad ...


You just have to click on 'Collage' and then add the different faces in each of the boxes. You can apply a beauty filter, see yourself bald, old, smiling, even if the image looks very serious ... And all in one click. Then you can share the montage, directly, from the application, without having to download the photo. A perfect application for innocent trolling ... and the 28th is approaching, so prepare well.

Do you dare to see how you could be with 20 years over ? And being addicted to drugs? Well, you will be able to get it with In20years.