The most interesting websites to track a shipment

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With Christmas just around the corner, online shopping is the order of the day. Unless we reside in the city of Madrid or Barcelona, ​​most of these shipments usually travel several centers of kilometers from the departure center to our home. To monitor these shipments, the different transport companies usually provide a tracking code to know at all times the location of the order, as well as its situation. Correos, SEUR, MRW, UPS ... We have compiled all the pages to track our shipment in real time without depending on third-party applications.

index of contents

  • Post tracking code
  • Correos Express order tracking
  • SEUR tracking code
  • MRW Shipment Locator
  • Royal Mail Order Tracking
  • Locate Nacex order
  • UPS tracking to locate orders
  • USPS Trakins
  • Locate DHL order
  • EMS tracking code
  • Fedex order tracking
  • Tourline Express Locator
  • Locate Asendia shipment
  • GLS Shipment Tracking
  • Estafeta order tracking
  • Redpack shipment tracking
  • Mexico Post Locator
  • 17Track (general tracking)
  • Parcels App (general monitoring)
  • Aftership (general follow-up)
  • MiTrackingBot (general tracking)
  • Postal Ninja Order Tracking (General Tracking)

Post tracking code

follow up send emails

If we have received a shipping code from the Post Office, we can access the parcel service platform to see the actual status of the package. Unfortunately, the service usually suffers quite a few drops, and the operation sometimes leaves a lot to be desired .

  • Postal Service Locator

Correos Express order tracking

tracking delivery of express mail

The company owned by the Correos group also has a page to locate shipments in real time. In this case, the web has a more polished operation than that of Correos .

  • Correos Express order locator

SEUR tracking code

The controversial transport company has a somewhat limited web platform. It is true that we are shown a map with the real-time location of the order, although the information suggested is quite brief from our own experience .

  • SEUR package tracking

MRW Shipment Locator

Like most shipping companies, MRW has a page to locate any parcel shipment. The good thing is that we can make several queries at the same time separating the shipping codes , although the information displayed is not as complete as the Correos website.

  • Locate MRW shipment

Royal Mail Order Tracking

Although it is a United Kingdom postal service, the truth is that the company is quite popular in Spain when it comes to international shipments. Given its place of origin, the page to track a shipment is entirely in English , although we can always use Google Chrome Translator to translate its content.

  • Royal Mail tracking code

Locate Nacex order

nacex shipping tracking

The Nacex group website is much more limited than that of Correos and Correos Express. Not only for aesthetics: the web does not have enough security. For this reason, some browsers, such as Google Chrome or Safari, will display the message "This connection is not private . " Just reload the page to see its content.

  • Nacex order tracking

UPS tracking to locate orders

Because it is a company that operates internationally, UPS has one of the most complete pages to check the status of the order we have placed. Not only does it show us a real-time map of the location of the shipment, it also allows us to enter up to 25 tracking codes at a time .

  • UPS shipment tracking

USPS Trakins

Similar in name to USPS but independent of the latter. Although the company is not well known in Spain, it is quite popular in international shipments. If we limit ourselves to the website of the service, the information displayed is quite complete. In fact, the platform allows us to add up to 35 tracking numbers at a time. It also has an application with which we can track any order from the phone.

  • USPS Online Tracking

Locate DHL order

dhl order tracking

The company specialized in shipments from China and Hong Kong from companies such as Wish and AliExpress has a page to locate shipments with special attention to tracking through customs in different countries. In the event that the package has been retained at some point along the way, the page will notify us via the web or through a text message (SMS) .

  • DHL order tracking

EMS tracking code

The EMS company is another of the most popular services when it comes to buying products in China, whether through AliExpress, Wish, Shein or any other store of Chinese origin. The company's page is quite similar to DHL, and like the latter, it has a translation into Spanish. It also has a 'warning' or 'snitch' that will notify the status of our package in case it is detained in Chinese or Spanish customs .

  • Locate EMS order

Fedex order tracking

fedex shipping tracking

When operating internationally, Fedex has a page very similar in characteristics to that of UPS. And it is that in addition to showing us a map with the tracking of the order in real time , the web allows us to enter multiple tracking codes at the same time. We can also track from the shipping date and zip code if we don't remember the code to locate the package.

  • Fedex tracking

Tourline Express Locator

The only company that requires prior registration to track an order through its official website. If we are the recipients of the shipment, we will be able to consult the information without having to create an account on the web.

  • Tourline Express Package Tracking

Locate Asendia shipment

Company that operates between Spain and France. The website has a section where we can track any order that we have made through this service. From letters, money orders and packages to express courier.

  • Asendia shipping locations

GLS Shipment Tracking

The GLS page has two different sections for national orders and international orders. In the event that our order comes from a country other than Spain (China, Hong Kong, United States ...) we will have to access the respective section within the page. It also has a search box that allows us to find the telephone number of the office closest to our location .

  • Locate GLS Package

Estafeta order tracking

Company of Mexican origin, it is especially popular in all those web pages that make international shipments to Mexico. It is true that the information shown on the web is quite limited . The good thing is that we can enter up to a maximum of 20 tracking codes at the same time to see the status of orders in real time.

  • Locate Estafeta package

Redpack shipment tracking

Another company of Mexican origin specialized in international shipments. Unlike Estafeta, the company's website is quite complete, allowing us to add up to a maximum of 30 tracking codes at the same time. We can also perform a search by the customer's reference number if we do not have a tracking code.

  • Track Redpack Order

Mexico Post Locator

Continuing with the list of Mexican transport agencies, it is the turn of Correos de México, the country's public company. It is not the most complete website, much less the most visual, but it will help us to track any shipment we have made through the latter.

  • Locate envy of Correos de México

17Track (general tracking)

17track shipping

Probably the most complete page for tracking orders online. It is a platform that brings together all transport companies: from national companies such as Correos and Correos Express to companies such as DHL, GLS or UPS. The information displayed is even more complete than that offered by the companies already mentioned , with a follow-up of all the steps of the package and its location.

  • Locate orders with 17Track

Parcels App (general monitoring)

tracking parcels app

As the name itself indicates, it is an application for Android and iOS that allows us to track an order from practically any courier company, with the advantage that all the information is displayed in Spanish . The application also has a web platform that allows us to locate orders without installing applications on the phone.

  • Locate orders with Parcels
  • Download application for Android
  • Download app for iOS

Aftership (general follow-up)

Another platform that brings together all the courier companies in the world. Although the website is quite complete, Aftership is limited to replicating the information that we can see on the pages of the courier services , such as SEUR, MRW or Correos.

  • Locate packages with Aftership

MiTrackingBot (general tracking)


If we are Telegram users and we want to have full control over the orders we have made on any platform, MiTrackingBot is our perfect ally. It is a bot that allows us to monitor any shipment through a simple command , which will generally correspond to the following string:

  • / emails + tracking code (for example, / emails 67264376UGS)
  • / ups + tracking code (for example, / ups 874823BSR2)

If we want to know the complete list of messaging services compatible with the bot, just add the following command:

  • /help

Then we will click on Available companies. The bot also has an automatic mode that recognizes the origin of the shipping company . After having assigned an alias to the shipment in question, the bot will constantly send us a series of messages with the changes made to the shipment . Arrival at the office, disembarkation at the port ...

  • Locate packages with MiTrackingBot

Postal Ninja Order Tracking (General Tracking)

Compatible with more than 380 courier services, Postal Ninja is the most complete Spanish website to track an order from any transport company. In addition to showing us all the information in Spanish, it has a section where all the shipping phases are detailed. Likewise, the page allows you to store tracking codes to consult them periodically if we wish.

  • Track order with Postal Ninja