How to rotate a video for free with VLC

How to rotate a video with VLC

In this article we explain in a very simple way how you can rotate a video using the VLC Media Player . In this way you will be able to learn to solve very easily, one of the problems that most frequently appear today with video files.

How to rotate a video 90º with VLC

VLC Media Player is a totally free and open source media player, which is available for all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. This means that you can use it on a large number of devices, to rotate your videos and leave them with a perfect orientation. In this case we focus on how to rotate a video in Windows with VLC.

The first step we need to do is download and install the VLC media player. This is something that we can do for free from the official website of this project.

Once VLC Media Player is installed, use it to open the video that is badly rotated and what you want to rotate to leave it in a proper orientation.

how to rotate a video with VLC in Windows 1

Once the video is open, go to the main menu, select the " Tools " tab and click on the " Effects and Filters " option .

how to rotate a video with VLC in Windows 2

This will open a new Settings and Effects window, in this case we are interested in the " Video Effects " tab . Now access the " Geometry " tab .

Next check the box "Transform to activate it", and then select the option " Rotate by 90 degrees ". Of course you can also choose the other options, depending on how much you want to rotate your video.

how to rotate a video with VLC in Windows 3

The next step is to click on " Save " and "Close" to exit this options window.

At this point, the video will have been rotated to the proper orientation. You can start playing it with VLC to check if it has been in the correct way.

how to rotate a video with VLC in Windows 4

How to save a rotated video with VLC Media Player

Once you've verified that your video has been properly oriented, it's time to save it so you don't have to repeat this process every time.

For this we must follow several steps. The first one is to go to " Tools " and enter " Preferences ".

save rotated video with vlc 7

This will open the configuration window for all VLC modules. In this case we need to select the " All " option in the lower left to display the advanced options.

save rotated video with vlc 1

The next step is to find the " Broadcast Output " section on the left panel of VLC. When you find it, select it and enter " Sout Broadcast " and then " Transcode ".

save rotated video with vlc 2

Once inside, select the codec you want to use to save the video and then the option " Video transformation ", and click " Save " to apply these settings.

save rotated video with vlc 3

The video codec to choose will depend on the specifications of your PC, the most advanced are H.265 and H.264, although the process can be quite slow if your PC is not very powerful.

Now go to the main menu and select the " Medium " and " Convert " options .

save rotated video with vlc 4

A new window will open, from which you can select the file whose orientation we have corrected the previous steps. After adding it, click on the little arrow of the " Convert / Save " button to select " Convert ".

save rotated video with vlc 5

A new window will appear offering the possibility of choosing the path where you want to save the modified file. After that, click on the " Start " button , and the process will begin immediately.

save rotated video with vlc 6

After that, you only have to wait a few minutes for your PC to do the work, the duration of this process will depend on the power of your computer.