How to save Twitter GIFs from your computer and mobile


Are you a fan of GIFs? Can't live without adding them to all your virtual conversations ? Today we want to unleash (yes, even more) your love for GIFs by telling you how you can download the GIFs you see on Twitter to your computer or phone, to share them - without they are really good - with your colleagues through other applications messaging or your favorite social networks. The procedure is very simple, so we are going to tell you how to save Twitter GIFs from your computer and mobile in just a few steps. You will see that it is very easy!

How to download Twitter GIFs from your computer

If you usually use Twitter from your computer , you may have noticed that saving a GIF through the classic Save Image system does not work. There is, however, a formula with which in addition to downloading the GIFs that you like the most, you will have them converted into video format. All you have to do is the following:


1. Access Twitter and browse all the news. When you find a GIF that you like and that you think is worth downloading, click on it to open it. Copy the link or URL.

2. Next, go to SaveDeo , a page that will help you download the GIF in question.


3. Now paste the link that you had copied in the box enabled for it. When you're ready, click on the yellow Download button . When you're ready, click on the red Download link again. Your video should be downloaded to your computer in MP4 format. Enjoy it!

How to download Twitter GIFs from your mobile

But, what happens if you usually access Twitter and share everything through your mobile? In that case, you have to look for a tool that allows you to download GIFs from your phone . There are many applications that can help you, but we have chosen the following:

1. Download the GIF for Twitter application . It is an app compatible with Android .

2. Once you have it installed, access Twitter as you normally would . When you come across a funny GIF , all you have to do is click on it. Several options will appear. You have to choose Share .

3. Various options will appear on your terminal that will allow you to share the GIF through different media and networks. If you've successfully installed the app, you should be able to choose Share with GIF for Twitter .

4. You will see that the tool will open automatically and start the download process immediately . At the moment you will have your GIF saved in the phone memory or on the card and you can share it whenever you want with your friends. Easy right?