5 free mobile cleaners sorted by amount of junk advertising

5 free mobile cleaners sorted by amount of junk advertising

A slow mobile is a real nightmare. As a general rule, we tend to fill our mobile devices with hundreds of data that, in the long run, end up blowing up their performance. In short, the more data, the slower the response .

Luckily, there is a solution for this problem. In this type of case, the most advisable thing is to resort to mobile cleaners, apps that will help us eliminate temporary files, residual data and cache memory that are draining the resources of our devices.

Also, many of the top mobile cleaners offer free options. Although this may be good news, these versions bring with them some advertising that can spoil the user experience and, more importantly, can affect data consumption. Therefore, it is convenient to stop at this point to carefully analyze the problems that the installation of this type of services entails on our mobile.

Mobile cleaners, are they really good for anything?

Some may claim that cleaners are completely useless, and that they can even impair the performance of our device . Others, that these tools are only to make money, which is not entirely wrong.

In our understanding, the problem lies in the freemium model that most of these applications display. A model that has earned a dubious reputation for carrying out unethical practices with its clients, from exaggerating warning messages about the status of your device, to giving the false impression that you really need the app, to installing adware without prior notice. notice with stupid functions.

In short, all free solutions come with some "surprise" up their sleeve. So, in conclusion, the debate is not on the usefulness of these tools, something that in principle should be beyond doubt. The real problem is that when you install a cleaner, it does not offer any utility beyond affecting the performance of your terminal and bombarding you with ads .

In the following list you will find a ranking with the 5 best free cleaners for mobile phones based on the amount of junk advertising they bring with them. If you see that your mobile is slower than usual, we will give you a cable so that it returns to perform like the first day.

sd maid

SD Maid

We start with SD Maid, a specific suite to find and delete all the cached application data , and free up disk space. This data takes up unnecessary storage space and can generally be erased without fear.

A fairly complete app that comes with everything you need to keep your device clean and tidy . If we really want to install a cleaning application, SD Maid is, for many, the best recommendation.

norton clean

Norton Clean

Norton Clean has the advantage that it is extremely easy to use. An ideal cleaning app  for those who want to clean their mobile without complicating their heads . Its use is so simple that you just have to open it and wait for it to scan your mobile. Once this is done, we just have to click on the fan icon to finish the process.

In short, we can uninstall applications and optimize the memory of our terminal, safely, easily and best of all without advertising. The wet dream of any user. And whoever says otherwise is lying.


AVG Cleaner

We continue with AVG Cleaner, a free mobile cleaner for Android with which you can free up storage space and optimize the performance of your phone through a detailed analysis. One of the advantages of this application is that it has a battery saving function that allows it to last longer .

Of course, despite its benefits, AVG Cleaner is not spared from carrying out the much-maligned practices of fremium business models. Although it is not the most alarming case , we will suffer the installation of adware extensions in the form of absurd utilities on our device.



Another cleaning application of the best known , capable of cleaning the garbage accumulated in our mobile, as well as protecting against viruses in the event that they have slipped into us. In addition, it also takes care of prolonging battery consumption and locking the device when it detects  suspicious apps .

A set of benefits that pales to the unpleasant surprise that awaited in one of the latest updates to the cleaner. Its creators decided to turn a once useful and essential application into adware that any user should avoid . This new version bombarded you with ads insisting that we go, over and over again, to the paid Pro version. Whatever it takes to monetize Ccleaner.

Clean Master

Another one of the cleaners that is proud to sit on the podium of the best known in Android (you just have to see the download data). Undoubtedly, no one can deny that it is a very competent application that deletes the cache of apps , and  closes those that are open in the background  to free up RAM.

However, if Clean Master occupies the last position on this list, it is due to the inclusion of excessively intensive advertising to which users of this app are exposed. This has earned him not a few criticisms, being one of the most criticized aspects of Clean Master. An incessant barrage of ads that can appear outside of the application itself and appear in other parts of the phone interface, such as the lock screen or the notification panel.

But the controversy does not end there. On occasions, some users have reported that it is practically impossible not to click on certain ads .

So far our analysis based on perceptions about the amount of publicity we have suffered as users of these tools. Of course, we understand that it will not be the same experience in all cases , but hopefully this guide has served as a reference for you when downloading these tools to your mobile phones.