20 historic football matches that you can relive online

20 historic football matches that you can relive online

Soccer and the rest of sports competitions are not the most important thing now, there is no doubt about that. But we cannot deny that the so-called beautiful game attracts many fans and serves as an escape from problems and distraction for many people. Due to the coronavirus all sports competition is stopped, as you well know. But most of us are lucky to have the Internet and, as they say, practically everything can be found on the Internet. And yes, also complete soccer matches. And now even more, since there are many official websites that have uploaded the matches of their teams so that the fans “take off their jumpsuit”.

So we have been doing an intensive search and here we bring you 20 historical football matches that any fan of this sport will like to relive . We have tried to select a little of everything, from more current games to old games, going through difficult to forget matches.

Real Madrid 2 - 6 FC Barcelona

Without a doubt, a game that neither Barcelona fans nor Real Madrid fans will have forgotten. So much so that we have not had to look very far to find it. We can see it directly from the official website of FC Barcelona. Here you have the link.

The match corresponds to matchday 34 of the 2008-2009 season . Guardiola's men had a spectacular game and Real Madrid could do nothing to avoid the debacle. With this game the Catalan team practically sentenced La Liga.

Brazil 1 - 7 Germany

Match corresponding to the 2014 World Cup . They were 90 minutes in which the German team swept the Brazilians, always favorites in all competitions and more if one takes into account that the game was held in Brazil. One of the biggest historical beatings in a World Cup and more if you take into account that they were the semifinals. It's a fairly recent match, so I'm sure many of you remember it.

RC Celta 7 - 0 Benfica

Match corresponding to the UEFA Cup played in the 99-00 season . A match that no Celta fan who could enjoy it will forget for a long time, as it was one of the biggest wins seen in a European match.

Manchester United 2 -1 Bayern Munich

This match corresponds to the final of the Champions League of the 98-99 season . Although the result is not very bulky, it went down in history because of the way in which Manchester United managed to win this match.

If you haven't seen it, we don't want to spoil you. Here you have a web page where you can see the full game. Without a doubt one of the most exciting Champions League finals in memory.

Deportivo de la Coruña 4 - 0 Milan

The night that Super Depor overwhelmed the European champion . A historic night for a historic team in the Spanish league. Match corresponding to the Champions League of the 2013-2014 season. Depor entered that quarterfinal match with hardly any options after the 4-1 in the first leg. But the miracle was worked.

You have the full game on the Footballia website. To be able to watch the games you will have to register, but don't worry, registration is free and fast .

PSV 10 - 0 Feyenoord

Even if you don't follow the Dutch league, PSV - Feyenoord, which was played on October 24, 2010, undoubtedly went down in history. And it is that PSV endorsed no less than 10 goals to Feyenoord in one of the biggest goals that are remembered in a league game.

And the most curious thing is that the first part ended 2-0 . It is clear that the break did not sit well with the then Feyenoord players.

Valencia 5 - 2 Lazio

Historic Valencia CF match On April 5, 2000, Valencia CF defeated Lazio at the Mestalla with an impressive score of 5 to 2 goals.

The match corresponded to the first leg of the 1999-2000 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals . At that time Lazio were one of the favorites, as they had a team full of stars. And Valencia CF were debutants in the top European competition. That Valencia of Héctor Cúper was the revelation of that Champions League and ended up reaching the final in Paris.

Spain 9 - 0 Austria

Match corresponding to the qualifying phase for the 1999 European Championship . Spain faced Austria at the Mestalla and the Spanish team achieved one of the most bulky results seen in a match of this caliber.

In this selection we had such emblematic players as Cañizares, Raúl, Mendieta or Guardiola. You can see the game in full on the Footballia page.

Netherlands 1 - 3 Russia

Euro 2008. They faced a powerful Holland (with players like Van Nistelrooy, Van Der Sar or De Jong) and the Russian team, in principle much inferior. The match corresponded to the quarterfinals and it was undoubtedly a historic match, since it meant the elimination of one of the favorite teams to take the title.

Title that, as many of you will remember, Spain ended up winning after beating Germany 1-0 in the final. If you want to remember the game Holland - Russia you have it available in Footballia.

Spain 4 - 0 Italy

And speaking of Spain, our team has given us many joys in recent years. One of the most recent was the achievement of Euro 2012 .

In the final we face the Italian team. And it was one of the finals that the fans have enjoyed the most. You can watch the full game on Footballia.

R. Madrid 4 - 1 Atlético Madrid

Final of the Champions League in 2014 . A match that surely no Madrid fan will forget, both those who won and those who lost.

It was the tenth Champions League for Real Madrid and a tough defeat for Atlético de Madrid, who lost a Champions League against the other team in the city.

Spain 12 - 1 Malta

And if we talk about historical matches, we cannot leave out the Spain - Malta of 1983. It was a qualifying match for the European Championship and Spain needed 11 goals to qualify . The rest is Spanish football history.

FC Barcelona 6 - 1 PSG

If you are from FC Barcelona, ​​surely you remember this game. And if you are simply a football fan, you are sure too. The match corresponded to the second leg of the 2016-17 Champions League round of 16 and Barça had a 4-0 result against Paris .

Luis Enrique's team managed to turn the tie around in a magical match, becoming the biggest comeback in the history of the Champions League. You can see this full game on the official website of FC Barcelona, ​​but you will have to register.

Liverpool 3 - 3 AC Milan

Another Champions League final to remember. Specifically, it was the 2005 final and Liverpool and Milan faced each other. The game ended 3 to 3 and they went to penalties.

Who won? We don't want to spoil your surprise. You can watch the full match on the Daily Motion website and see which team was the winner.

Bolivia 6 - 1 Argentina

It can be a bit cruel to the fans, but the truth is that when a team accustomed to winning receives a win, it is logical that it is considered a historic match.

The match that concerns us was a match played during the knockout phase of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa . The Argentine team was trained by their great idol, Diego Armando Maradona. And the Bolivian national team gave him a severe correction.

Alaves 5 - 4 Liverpool

Final of the 2001 UEFA Cup in which Deportivo Alavés came close to achieving glory . Finally it could not be, but the game was truly crazy. It is worth a look.

Liverpool 4 - 0 FC Barcelona

And if we talk about Liverpool, we can't help but remember one of the most painful defeats that FC Barcelona has suffered in recent years. This is the semi - final match of the Champions League last year .

Klopp's side came back from 3-0 in the first leg thanks to two doublets by Origi and Wijnaldum. And this match also produced one of the most memorable goals of this competition .

If you want to see this game again, you have it complete on the FC Barcelona website. As we told you before, you need to register to see it.

Valencia 6 - 0 R. Madrid

Semifinals of the Copa del Rey of the season 98-99 . Valencia CF made it 6-0 in the first leg against Real Madrid at Mestalla. An unforgettable match for the Valencian players, which also meant access to the La Cartuja final that ended up winning the Mestalla team.

You can relive the entire match on the Footballia website and with, as in most matches on the website, the original comments.

Juventus 1 - 4 Real Madrid

Real Madrid has something special with the Champions League, there is no doubt about that. The Whites are true specialists in this competition, so there are many finals that we could remember.

But we want to make special mention of the 2016-2017 season. On this occasion, the merengue team faced Juventus in Turin, one of the great favorites alongside Real Madrid. However, the white team passed over the Italian team .

You can see this full game on the Footballia page. We have found a video on YouTube too, but it has very poor quality.

Netherlands 0 - 1 Spain

And we finished our selection with the game that brought an entire country to the streets. A game that many of us will remember our whole lives. That Iniesta goal that we have seen a thousand times repeated on TV and that moves us every time we see and hear it.

At the 2010 World Cup, held in South Africa, the Spanish team managed to win the title and become world champion . A goal that came in the extension of the game that the Spanish team played against the Netherlands. Without a doubt a World Cup that we will never forget.

We wanted to put the video of Iniesta's famous goal so that you could remember it. But if you want to see the full game you can do it from the Footballia page. You have it with the comments of Canal + Liga and with a quite acceptable video quality. It's definitely worth another look.

And so far our brief selection of historical matches that you can enjoy on the Internet to make the quarantine more bearable. Tell us, what game do you remember with special affection?