How to insert images directly into a Gmail email

Insert images

If you use Gmail email regularly, you will know that one of the main options that the tool has is to insert images and send them as attachments. It is a basic gesture that you have used countless times , but ... did you know that there is the possibility of incorporating them into the body of the message? You can also insert them in the email as if they were an attachment , but we are sure that this is the way that you master the most. Today we want to tell you how to insert images directly into a Gmail email. This is a new functional enhancement that is now available to all users of this email client. Now attaching images is easier and faster. Follow the steps below to learn it.

Gmail open message

1. The first thing you have to do is access your email inbox. Click on Compose to write a new message.

gmail drag image

2. Next, go to the folder in which you have saved the images you want to attach to the email . If you have them on your computer desktop, it will be even more practical. Select one or more and insert them in the part for the body of the message . In this way, you will have managed to add it to the email itself and you will be able to insert text between image and image.

insert gmail body image

3. If you did not want to insert the image into the body of the message , but instead wanted to insert it as an attachment, you also have it very easy. Select the file and drag the image to the bottom bar (in gray). You will see a legend appear indicating: Drop the files here to attach them .

4. The file will be automatically added as an attachment and uploaded to the message. When you have finished writing the message and you have it ready to send to your recipient, all you have to do is click on the Send button .

gmail insert attachment

There is another formula, probably more traditional, to add the files as attachments, but most likely you already know it and it is, in fact, the one you have used all this time. It is about pressing the icon of the clip and the folio to access the path where you have saved the file (in this case the image). It is a practical and fast option, but it does not offer us the possibility of inserting the images in the body of the message.

The enhancement was not available until recently, so there was no distinction between dragging the image into the body of the message or dragging it to the bottom bar as an attachment . This new tool solves a problem that many users complained about and makes Gmail mail much more functional than it was before .

And you, how do you usually attach files to your email? Which option seems more practical to you?