Advantages of the Inverter Direct Drive motor of LG washing machines

Advantages of the Inverter Direct Drive motor of LG washing machines

The motor is one of the fundamental components of any self-respecting washing machine . That is why it is important that when buying the next one, you take into account what are the characteristics of the engine and what guarantees the manufacturer can offer you.

The Korean company LG installs Inverter Direct Drive motors in a large part of its equipment. We find it present in several washing machines of its white line, but also in refrigerators and dishwashers of the brand. And what is special about these engines? 

Well, to begin with, you should know that the Inverter Direct Drive system is designed to adjust the motor to the wash load . This means that it does not always work the same way. This motor is special because it has fewer elements: it dispenses with the belt and pulley that traditional motors do have.

Thus, it turns out that energy consumption is reduced. There is also less noise and the noise that is perceived is undoubtedly less annoying. Vibrations are also minimized, so the impact on the appliance is much less. Ultimately, this makes the engine more durable and the warranty years are extended. LG guarantees that its range of Inverter Direct Drive motor washers is the only one that can provide up to 22 years of service life.

How the Inverter Direct Drive motor works

The Direct Drive motor included in LG washing machines has a ten-year warranty . And this is so, simply because it is a much more efficient part than traditional engines. So it lasts longer and makes the washing machine more reliable.

One of the great strengths of this engine is that it powers the 6 Motion Direct Drive system . In reality, what the brand's engineers did to achieve this system was to try to emulate a hand washing system. The objective? Get the washing machine to be able to remove stains, but taking care of the clothes at the same time. Thus, this motor can hit, rotate, care, fall, spin and scrub.

This system combines its performance with Turboshot technology, which are rapid drum movements and cascading jets that help to better penetrate tissues. And in short, to achieve better results when washing clothes. What really matters.

saving inverter washing machine

More energy savings

When we buy an appliance it is important that we look at the energy label . Thus, although the most efficient ones tend to be more expensive, the savings that we are going to experience in the electricity bill will compensate for sure. In recent times, manufacturers have been striving to introduce technologies that help us achieve greater savings.

The direct traction system of the Inverter Direct Drive motor can help us reduce, on average, up to 25% water consumption and 30% energy consumption . With this we will also be able to considerably reduce CO2 emissions. That is why when you buy an LG washing machine equipped with this technology, you will take home an appliance with an A +++ certification.

In the end, having chosen a last generation washing machine with a Direct Drive motor and the maximum energy certification can help us save up to 40% of energy and around 293 euros , if we compare it with a class A + washing machine.

Before making any purchase, we recommend using this LG comparator, with which you can reliably check the percentage of savings that you will obtain with the purchase of your new washing machine, compared to another or with the one you currently have in your home.