LG Smart Inverter, what is this technology and how the microwave has evolved


LG's Smart Inverter technology has been a before and after in the world of microwaves. And it is that thanks to this invention it is already possible to cook faster and with greater power than other conventional ovens (up to 1,200W). All this without losing nutrients and with a uniform result. That is, they defrost, cook and heat any type of food in its entirety, without altering the flavor at any time.

But the key to this technology lies in the way to control the temperature when cooking. While microwaves so far work by emission at intervals or heat peaks that in turn produce ups and downs in electricity consumption, LG Smart Inverter is able to achieve more precise temperature control thanks to the constant power supply ( and not with ups and downs).

The advantages of this new system are several. To begin with, the result of cooking the food is that it cooks evenly , avoiding the typical case that the food is hot at the ends, but raw inside.

In addition, this formula expands the number of dishes that can be prepared in these microwaves, compared to conventional ones. For example, a model with LG Smart Inverter is capable of making yogurt, something unthinkable until now.

Another of the key points of this way of working is that it allows saving up to 36% in energy consumption , which is always something to take into account for the environment. But also, why not, for our pocket.

Smart Inverter also allows you to cook faster. Specifically, up to 1.6 times faster than a traditional microwave. By operating with a direct current flow that can reach up to 1,200 W of power , more precise and powerful control is achieved without causing temperature deviations during cooking. On the other hand, its exclusive charcoal grill helps heat penetrate food more quickly and precisely. This achieves a result that is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

With LG Smart Inverter technology, cooking is also much healthier, reducing fat in food by up to 72 percent. It prevents overheating and the destruction of food cells, which preserves its flavor and nutrients. Another advantage of microwaves with Smart Inverter is that their interior is protected by the EasyClean system. Therefore, they are up to two times easier to clean than conventional ones. The interior has a coating that, due to its densest structure, prevents grease from penetrating and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria.

Other advantages of microwaves that have this technology are:

  • 10-year warranty on the magnetron part, a fundamental tube that makes a microwave work.
  • High capacity, as large containers with up to 39 liters capacity can be placed inside.
  • Inside it uses a rotating ring with a hexagonal shape, designed to provide greater stability to the containers that are placed on top and to avoid overturning or spillage.
  • Among the functions, there are various modes for many needs: steaming, roasting, gratin, frying (in this case with the minimum dose of oil).

The LG Smart Inverter range can currently be found in 5 models: 2 microwave ovens (MJ3965ACS and MJ3965BPS) and 3 microwave ovens with grill (MH7265DPS, MH6535GDS and MH6535GDH).