Marantz MCR611, a compact high-quality audio system

marantz mcr611

Marantz MCR 611, compact high-quality audio system

The Marantz brand imposes a certain respect for its tradition and the quality of its products, so it is remarkable that it presents such a compact musical system : in hardly more than a square span (it measures 29 cm wide, 31 deep and 11 cm wide) . high) we have a CD player a Radio FM / DAB player network music , and two outputs for speakers with up to 60 watts of power. With Marantz quality , for 749 euros, this system is nicknamed " Melody Media ".

This Marantz MCR611 is dedicated in principle to fans who want quality musical equipment without complications , that is, a single element and not several separate ones, but they do not settle for a device that does not meet quality standards. But it will also be the object of desire for fans with another stereo , and who need something for the room, the office ... wherever such a compact and capable system can give us the joy that music always gives.


This music can reach us through many different means, thanks to the versatility of this little Marantz : its function as a CD player needs no further explanation, as does its reception section compatible with FM , DAB and DAB + . As a media player , it has a network connection via WiFi or cable ( Ethernet ), and also Bluetooth ( aptX compatible , the format that minimizes quality losses due to compression of normal Bluetooth transmissions ), we can even send music via NFCwith compatible mobiles. It's " Spotify Connect " too.

And if ours are iOS devices , the Marantz also has AirPlay . We can even directly play music files from a USB memory (it has a front and a rear connection), and the supported formats are practically all, that is, from MP3 to FLAC and in resolutions up to 24 bit and 192kHz in PCM , or DSD .

In addition, the Marantz MCR611 also has direct digital and analog inputs : two optical of the first and one with RCA connections the second.

One or two bedrooms

All this in terms of the origin of music, that is, where it comes from. But it is also that where the Marantz sends it has its versatility: two pairs of terminals are included to be able to connect one or two pairs of speakers, and therefore the internal amplification can be configured as 2x60W or 4x30W , and in the second case (sound two rooms for example) the volume control will be independent for the two “zones”. Nothing has been left to chance in this amazing device.

Not missing a line out if we want to connect an external amplifier more powerful yet, and even has a dedicated output for a drawer bass ( subwoofer active). All its functions can be controlled from the front panel , the supplied remote control , or an application (available for iOS and Android ) to manage everything from the mobile or tablet.

Finally, there is the possibility of acquiring the Marantz MCR611 with two compact Tannoy Mercury 7.1 speakers for 899 euros . And there is also the lower version  MCR511 , with only one speaker output (a couple) and fewer inputs, and a lower height (77 mm), whose price is 499 euros .

Marantz MCR611 rear