What is Zepeto and why is it becoming so popular?

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Thousands of stories on Instagram are being attacked by Zepeto fashion . No, it is not a virus or malware, but a nice application developed by Snow Corp that allows us to transform our gepetto (that is, our face) into a virtual avatar. In a similar way as Apple did with the Animoji or Samsung with the AR Emoji, the application uses our camera to create a virtual character. In addition, Zepeto allows us to interact with our character and share their appearance in applications such as Twitter and Instagram, among many other possibilities.

Create avatars and Emojis on Android and iOS with Zepeto

It has not been more than a month since the launch of Zepeto and today it already reaches download quotas of over 5 million . Part of its success is due to Instagram stories, WhatsApp stickers and the developer's experience with applications of this type. And it is that until a few months ago, the company was dedicated to creating Augmented Reality filters for Instagram.

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The operation of Zepeto is very simple. After downloading the application on the mobile, Zepeto will ask us to accept the various camera, storage and microphone permissions. Then, the front camera of our device will start and take a photo of our face. Now is when the good starts.

What is Zepeto and why is it becoming so popular 1

After recognizing the main features of our face, Zepeto will create a virtual avatar that is as similar as possible to us . Once created, we can customize it to our liking through different types of parameters. Hair color, beard shape, width and length of the face, color and shape of the eyes, hairstyle, accessories, etc. Have we already created our avatar? Then we can begin to interact with it through taps on the screen.

Customize the Zepeto avatar to your liking

Perhaps the most important factor in the application is that of personalization. Once we have created our character in Zepeto, we can customize it with all kinds of items available in the store . From clothing, footwear and accessories to a humble room decorated with lights, books, sofas and all kinds of furniture. In this aspect, it is quite similar to what Pou presented several years ago on Android and iOS.

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We can also acquire gestures and actions through the aforementioned Zepeto store . We can do all this through the application's currency, which can be achieved in different ways. Watching advertising videos, playing games within the application or interacting with other characters are some of the methods to earn money in Zepeto, in addition to using real money through in-app purchases.

The reason for its success: the social factor

But beyond the aforementioned aspects, the reason for the success of the application is given by its social factor. In addition to allowing us to record and take photographs of our avatar to share it on other networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter, Zepeto is a full-fledged social network .

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In addition to being able to follow other users to see their publications in the Feed section, we can interact with them through private messages in the purest Instagram style. Even some celebrities have this curious virtual character, as is the case with Ed Sheeran. It is true that the operation of the application still leaves something to be desired (it is in beta), but it would not be surprising if it became the next Snapchat.