Top 5 Pokémon Cheats: Magikarp Jump

Fishing Magikarp and raising them is a most fun activity. We have already been hooked by the new Pokémon game: Magikarp Jump. So we have commissioned to create a video to show you the five most amazing tricks of the title . And it is that it has many hidden secrets that will make fans of the Pokémon franchise fall in love even more. These are:

Infinite training points

It seems incredible that the creators of the game allowed this trick. And it is old school. Once the training points, the aids from the other Pokémon in the nursery, or even the league points are exhausted, you no longer have to wait several hours to recover them . You just have to advance the mobile clock. Of course, if the game discovers the trick, it will add the actual waiting times even if you return the time to its correct moment. But you will have come a long way in parenting without expecting anything.

Balanced growth

Aim to increase the value of workouts and foods with less jumping power . In this way, and being random, you ensure continuous growth. If you only improve the most powerful foods and workouts, you leave everything to chance. That is, you can have several lazy workouts and not get the maximum performance for your Magikarp.

How to get Gyarados

The most bland Pokémon in the game, Magikarp, ends up evolving into the fearsome Gyarados. Of course, for this it is necessary to break the eternal stone that they carry in the nursery. You just have to click on the Magikarp until the stone is destroyed. After that, and upon reaching level 20, the Pokémon will be able to evolve as in the classic games of the franchise.

Dangerous events

Not every event in Pokémon: Magikarp Jump results in an increase in your Magikarp jump points. In fact, some of them are so dangerous that they can kill your Pokémon and force you to start a new breeding from scratch. Avoid taking risks as much as possible. You will not get as many coins and diamonds, but you will avoid many other problems. Additionally, upon successful completion of events, you will receive jump points for your Magikarp.

Shiny Magikarp or Golden Magikarp

The developers of this title have not forgotten all the mythology surrounding Magikarp. That is why they have included a special motif: Magikarp Shiny or Gold . That is, a special version that only appears a few times and that comes loaded with extras to bring us a good amount of coins after each event. How to get it? Easy, as you see in the video. Every time you go fishing, watch your coach sweat up to three times. If it doesn't, close the game before seeing which Magikarp has caught and then try again. So until it is achieved. Worth.

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Top 5 Pokémon Cheats: Magikarp Jump