How to fix Windows 10 apps that look blurry

How to fix Windows 10 apps that look blurry

In the Windows 10 operating system we can find the following problem. If you have several screens connected to the same PC, or your screen configuration has changed, some of the applications you use may appear blurry to the user, poorly defined in sight. Microsoft's own support page, being aware of the error, has seen fit to have a solution to the problem that ends with blurred applications in the latest version of the Windows operating system.

When the blurriness phenomenon can occur

If you perform any of the following movements on a Windows 10 computer, you may be affected by the blurry applications problem. If this happens to you, we will inform you later on how to fix this problem.

  • If you move an open application from a high definition screen to one with less it may become blurry.
  • If you mount your laptop or tablet on a screen with a different resolution and project the image in Second Screen Only mode.

If you connect remotely to a different computer and if the screen of the computer you are connecting to has a different resolution than the PC from which you are connecting.

Blurry apps, a problem in Windows 10

If you have this problem on your computer, we are going to explain, in a practical and simple way, what you should do to make everything look the same again. Do not lose detail of the tutorial, and we recommend that you do it while we are explaining it to you, to make it even easier. If the following notification appears on the screen 'Do you want to correct the applications that are blurred?' We are going to select 'Yes' and then we open the Settings section and click 'Apply'.

Windows 10 configuration

If the notification does not appear and we see blurry applications, let's do it manually. To do this, we press the square speech bubble icon that we have at the bottom of the screen, then we press System-Screen and finally, 'Advanced scale settings' .

Windows 10 configuration

In 'Advanced scaling settings' we are going to activate the switch where it says 'Allow Windows to try to correct applications so that they do not look blurry'.

windows 10 app scale

If you want to check if it has indeed solved the problem, you must first close the application that appeared blurred and then reopen it. It should already look perfectly. If the problem persists, restart your computer . Some applications, however, cannot find a solution, especially on high-resolution screens.

Requirements to fix the blurry apps problem

To use the settings in which Windows fixes your applications so they don't look blurry, you must have Windows 10 (version 1803) installed. If you want to find out what version of Windows you have installed, you must do the following.

Type 'about' in the Windows search bar, located next to the Windows button and which you can see in the following screenshot.

search locker

In the result that the screen offers you, you must click on 'About your PC' . A new screen will open with detailed and exhaustive information about your team. Here you can see which version of Windows you have installed on your computer. And not only that, but the processor your computer has, RAM memory, etc.