How to transfer all data from one PS4 to another

How to transfer all data from one PS4 to another

Although it may not be something very common, it is possible that at some point we need to transfer the data from our PS4 to a new one . For example, we might need it if we have changed the normal PS4 for a PS4 Pro. Or if our PS4 is starting to fail and we have bought another. For whatever reason, knowing how to transfer our data between PS4 consoles can be very useful. Especially when we talk about our saved games. Can you imagine having to start over that game that we were about to finish?

That is why we wanted to make a small tutorial in which to explain how we can transfer all our data from one PS4 to another . It is a long process, we are not going to fool ourselves, but it is still simple. We started!

Previous preparation

The first thing we have to know is what we need for the process. Of course, we need both consoles to be on. Besides, we also need a network cable and Internet access .

transfer data ps4 firm

Another essential requirement is that both consoles have the system software version 4.0 or higher . To review it we will go to Settings and enter the System. The first option is "System Information". Here we can see the version of the software we have.

Transferring the data

Although we will do the work on the new console, the old one must be logged into PSN . If we have not done so, connect it for a moment and enter your account. Also, both have to be connected to the Internet.

On the other hand, we must connect the new console to the TV to log into it with our PSN ID. By doing so, the console will detect that we have logged into a new PS4 and will display a screen that invites us to start transferring data from the other console.

transfer data ps4 detect

At this time we will have a wizard on the screen that will guide us step by step through the transfer process. The first thing it tells us to do is hold down the power button on the old console until we hear a beep.

transfer data ps4 button pressed

Once the old console is prepared, the assistant tells us that we must connect the two PS4s with a network cable . Another option is to connect the two PS4s to the same router via network cable. The WiFi connection is not valid for this operation.

transfer data ps4 cable network

When the assistant detects that the two consoles are connected, it will show us a screen to select which data we want to transfer . We can select applications, games, saved data, screenshots, videos, themes and even the saved settings.

Finally, the assistant will ask us if we want to activate the new console as the main PS4 . If we are going to get rid of the other, the normal thing is that we say yes.

And that's it. This is all we have to do to transfer the data. This and wait a while. It depends on what we are going to transfer, it will take more or less time. If we only transfer the games it will be fast, but if we are going to transfer games, we must be very patient.

What if I no longer have the old PS4?

If we no longer have the old console, the digital games will have to be downloaded again. And as for the saved games, we will have to have saved our games before getting rid of the old console. If we did, no problem, we can recover them both from a USB and from the cloud.

Finally, we want to point out two points to keep in mind. The first, no data will be erased from the current PS4 when making the transfer.

And the second, if we have already used the new console before transferring all the data, we must know that everything that we have saved on your hard drive will be erased .