10 Netflix movies to watch as a couple

10 Netflix movies to watch as a couple

The weekend arrives and many couples choose to lock themselves at home, either to save or because they do not want to embark on a day of social life, full of appointments, commitments and other face-to-face events. Temperatures are already dropping, and the outlook of staying home to watch movies is not as dismal as it is in summer. And we have thought of these couples: and since today September 30 is Saturday, what better way than to propose a handful of good films to share as a couple. Movies to watch as a couple, which deal with topics that concern us all, which can provide debate and which can, in some cases, warm the atmosphere.

Sees it

Let's start strong. Very strong. Because this movie contains scenes of non-simulated sex, so it may hurt the sensibilities of certain viewers. It is directed by the French filmmaker Gaspar Noé, an indispensable character to describe the most daring, stark and crude contemporary cinema. In Love, he proposes the story of a stormy relationship over two years. A film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival with considerable controversy and was originally shot in 3D.

Blue valentine

A film to take stock as a couple. It tells the story of Dean and Cindy parents of a daughter who decide to go to a hotel, remember their most passionate moments and thus, try to save a marriage that seems like it was going to break down at any moment. Blue Valentine is an intense film, which displays all the troubles of romantic relationships on a large tapestry. It stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. If your life as a couple is not going through the best of times… It may be a better idea to choose another movie, more fun.

Crazy night

A fun comedy that does not give the viewer respite is this starring a tall duo: Steve Carell and Tina Fey. We could say that it is the crazy reverse of Blue Valentine: a mature couple decides to give their marriage another chance by organizing a romantic dinner that will end up as the rosary of Aurora. Heir to the best spirit of the 70s comedy type 'Jo, what a night', Noche Loca has its best advantage in the equivocation of its argument: when they arrive at the restaurant and have no reservation, they decide to usurp the identity of other diners. The consequences will be unforeseeable.

Anatomy of a Love Seen

An attractive US independent film proposal that plays with cinema within cinema. Two actresses end up head over heels in love after playing a couple in the movie they are shooting. Later, they each go on with their lives separately, but must return to the set to re-record some of the film's bed scenes. An attractive starting point that serves to portray how time changes us and if, where there was fire, there are still ashes. You can watch Anatomy of a Love Seen today on Netflix.

Love and Other Drugs

An eminently commercial proposal, starring two Hollywood stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. The 'drugs' in the title allude to the character played by Gyllenhaal, Jamie, a pharmaceutical salesman who meets, in a clinic, a young woman with Parkinson's disease, with whom he falls hopelessly in love. A film that, in addition to being a romantic comedy, denounces the bad commercial arts of some companies in the pharmaceutical sector. To fall in love and, at the same time, have a conscience.

Secret Games

A critically acclaimed film, directed by Todd Field whose debut feature, In the Room, shook not a few thoughtful minds in the chatty North American country. Secret Games follows the path of disturbing the good customs and double standards of American society, proposing a game of cross stories, limited to a typical suburb. Among them, a story of infidelity caused by boredom and boredom and the arrival of a pedophile to the neighborhood community. An uncomfortable portrait of a hypocritical and sick society. So you don't want to talk to your neighbor when you meet him again in the elevator.

Gerald's Game

The most recent of Netflix productions is also the latest adaptation of a novel by the legendary Stephen King. In Gerald's Game we can discover that, sometimes, experimenting with erotic games to save the couple from the routine can lead to the worst of tragedies. What would happen if your partner died while you were tied to the bed, in an isolated house in the middle of the field? Starring Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood, Gerald's Game is one of those horror films that critics and audiences rarely agree. For couples who want to spice up their relationship but still don't dare.

Holding the man

An Australian film that tells the love story, over fifteen years, of Jhon and Tim, two young men who met at an all-boys high school. John was the captain of the soccer team and Tim was pursuing his dream of being an actor. A story that could have been perfectly real, accompanied at all times by the terrible shadow of a disease that, for a long time, was known as 'The plague of the 20th century', AIDS. Holding the man is a film that aims to normalize what, for a long time, should be seen as normal.

Radiant night

A German production that touches on the subject of partner exchanges. Four sexually and sentimentally involved people are given tape in a country house, in a day in which their most hidden and unspeakable secrets will emerge.

Margarita with a Straw

A very brave Hindu film that combines two themes not very touched by commercial cinema: the sexual relations of people with functional diversity and lesbianism. In Margarita with a Straw we can see the story of Laila, a young woman with cerebral palsy from a middle-class family in New Delhi. Her life will change when she decides to go to study at New York University.