How to know what music you listened to on Spotify in 2017

How to know what music you have listened to on Spotify during 2017

Do you listen to music with Spotify? Well, they know very well what music you have listened to. They know which artists you prefer, with which songs you get heavier… everything! But now is the time, at the end of the year, when you can also review "who you are" as a listener . The what's called “Spotify 2017 Wrapped”, you can access directly here and it will reserve you, for sure, some surprises. This, which is still a way to promote Spotify, works for all types of accounts. You don't have to be Premium to get results, but you will see that it is interesting. And until last year they called it "a year of music."

Spotify Wrapped 2017

We start: connecting ...

When you access the 2017Wrapped page, the first thing they will ask you to do is connect to your Spotify account . We found it a bit weird as it was an internal Spotify thing that our user didn't recognize. But when we clicked, it did not make us enter username or password, it recognized them by default, so all right.

Spotify Wrapped 2017

Then our summary appears, by default it came out in English. If the language of Shakespeare is not your strong suit, you can choose another language at the bottom right . Among the dozens that Spotify supports, yes, Spanish too.

In our case, we have been listening for just over 11,000 minutes . According to the calculator, that's almost 184 hours, a little over a week without stopping. It's not much, seen like this, but considering that we also use the TIDAL service (and more than Spotify) it's not bad. Those hours yielded 1,048 different songs from 497 different artists. And we have heard up to 10 different genres as well. What else?


The next screen already asks us to participate. Yes, we have a small contest for us to guess which artist and which song we have heard the most. For the artist, it cleverly shows us a selection of artists that we listen to, some more and others less. If we are clear about it, the one we click will come out as a "hit", otherwise it will show us the one that has really been our favorite.

Spotify Wrapped 2017

The next screen proposes the same but with the song that we have heard the most . Again, it shows songs that we have listened to a lot, and we can "bite" in some that are not the most listened to. The truth is that both the artist (Extremoduro) and the song (“Experiencias de un batracio”) got it right the first time. Although we doubt with Loquillo's “Ugly Strong and Formal”, anyway.

Spotify Wrapped 2017

We still have something else to get right: the favorite genre or that we listen to the most. There the thing can be more debatable, because we marked "spanish rock" (which for some reason was duplicated). But it turned out that we listen to more “Spanish Pop”, maybe to Spotify we have to explain the difference between Pop and Rock … But we accept octopus as a pet, of course we do (listening to both that Extremoduro song, and not !). On the final screen you know how many hits you have had (us, two out of three).

Spotify Wrapped 2017

One thing remains: Spotify calculates according to what music you listen to, your "virtual age" or musical. And they do not shut it up, at least with you: fortunately they did not call us floats , on the contrary, according to them we listen to music that corresponds to someone between 10 and 15 years younger. How good you have been Spotify, you have earned the renewal one more year ...

Spotify Wrapped 2017

What you hear, and what you miss

Once it had been determined which group, song and type of music we listened to the most in 2017, Spotify could not stand still. And it does what it does best, which is to propose music lists . In fact, he offers us two: one is the playlist of the songs that we liked the most this year. In case we had them spread over several albums or lists, well now we will have them all together. It will be called “Your Top Songs 2017” and it stays saved in our favorite music. Great.

But it doesn't stop there. If Spotify stands out for something, it is precisely because of the music it proposes to discover. In the end, accessing the music that one wants is fine, but it is something that others do and it is not that complicated. Yes, it is proposing as well as they usually do on Spotify: when you use their “weekly discovery” you cannot leave it because it gets a lot right. And that does with the summary of the year. He proposes another list called "The Ones That Got Away", that is, what you have missed , with themes similar to those heard but that have gone unnoticed. We will have to pay more attention to it because from the outset it seemed to us that, for once, Spotify proposed us very little songs according to our taste ... You can't always win, we suppose.

And what do others listen to?

In addition to our roundup, Spotify has also released what its other 140 million users around the world have listened to . Ed Sheeran is the most listened to artist: 47 million listeners per month. And his latest album, "í ·", was played a whopping 3.1 billion times. The genres that have gained the most followers were Hip Hop and Latin Music. The song of the summer is clearly “Despacito-Remix” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. More winners: Rihanna is the most listened to female artist, and there are Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello and Coldplay. Perhaps the Swift would have been higher, but remember that it returned to Spotify only in June of this year. Since 2014 she had taken away the rights to reproduce her music on this platform.