Free Android Apps for Music Lovers


Do you like music? Do you practice melodies in the gaps that your studies leave you or are you more of those who prefer background music as a complement while working or performing tasks? We have reviewed some free Android Apps that will allow you to play various instruments, learning notions of music and enjoying the process in the process.

Free Virtual Piano


With this app learning a bit of piano notions is a reality. It occupies just over 50 Mb of storage on your mobile or tablet. The idea is to expand its catalog little by little and also eliminate certain advertisements (being free, this is its mode of financing). All in all, its electric keyboard simulation is successful and the user can approach the world of the piano with simplicity and clarity. Everything is a matter of practice. Initially, you can choose between “piano” and “grand piano”. It also includes illustrative videos. With patience, the user will be able to read scores of different musical genres, ranging from disciplines from jazz to classical music to blues.

It can be downloaded here.

Violin: Magical Bow


It allows to enter the beautiful world of music of the violin and other instruments of the same family: viola and cello. It is ideal to help you play a song with your phone or tablet as if it were a real violin. Very intuitive, one of its great virtues is that it takes up very little storage space in its initial download (only slightly more than 15 Mb).

Successive levels are passed to improve little by little and advance at the desired rate. In the first phase you can choose songs as universal and Christmas as Silent Night (Silent Night Christmas carol) or Twinkle twinkle little star (Tinkerbell of the place).

You can choose three forms of play and also allows the option of saving the levels in connection with social networks such as Facebook, to share scores and records with your friends or even challenge them in competition.

Download the app for free from here.


Walk Band - Music Studio


Very complete application that includes a variety of important instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, drums, drum machine or the multi-track Midi recording option ...

And last but not least, you also have the option of using a user-friendly USB-compatible external MIDI keyboard. This app is an example of a "mobile" orchestra at the touch of a button.

Approximately 25 Mb is what its storage occupies. Download it from here.


Magic Piano by Smule


The initial version, free, occupies just over 29 Mb. One of its advantages is that we have the option of listening to and playing the piano pieces by many artists (the catalog is vast and includes more than 1000 songs today and every week adds a group of new features).

Also, with versions of La La Land, Luis Fonsi or Ed Sheeran, it is clear that they are up to date in terms of “modern” songs or that they sound a lot now.

It is very simple to learn and it also has several levels (easy, medium and difficult) and you just have to use your fingers touching several beams of light of one, two or three colored balls or circles ... You will feel that you learn right away and hook.

You can download the app for free here.