Guide to avoid telephone spam and not be bothered

Guide to avoid telephone spam and not be bothered

It has happened to all of us. You are calmly doing your things and suddenly your mobile rings. Who will it be? Will it be something important? " Of course, we respond instantly, but only to find that we've been caught off guard again with a bloody business call from the phone operator or insurance company on duty.

Another very common is to receive calls in which nobody answers. In these cases, it is very likely that it is a  massively used telephone number  .

If you are tired of this type of situation, it is time to take action. Whether they are sporadic or continuous calls, we are going to tell you in detail what kind of measures can be taken to avoid the annoying telephone spam .

From the use of small antispam tools to registering in certain databases so as not to receive advertising. Take a look at our guide to avoiding phone spam and free yourself from these intrusive business practices forever. We started!

Block calls

Block calls

We are going to start with the more traditional method, which involves simply  blocking calls from the mobile , when you do not want to receive someone in particular. Obviously, this function will only take effect from the second call you receive from the number you select as spam. At that point,  your device will ask if that number should be marked as spam.

Nor is it the most effective way to avoid commercial communications automatically, since we will have to select a phone number that is already registered. However, it is a very good option when we talk about harassment situations.

In the case of Android devices, the option to block calls comes by default in some manufacturers, such as Motorola or Samsung. However, in others we will have to install it .

There is a caveat with Android, since Google  allows the possibility of recognizing and blocking spam calls in the event that a phone is suspicious

We can also use ingenuity and divert calls from a phone number that we have previously registered in our agenda to voicemail. Each telephone operator uses its own configuration to activate or deactivate conditional call forwarding. To obtain more precise information, it is best to contact the operator that we have contracted and ask for the call forwarding commands.

If in your case you have a mobile that operates with the iOS system, it is much easier . You must access the phone's recent calls tab, or its information if we already have it saved. Then, click on the blue icon with an "i" to access its information and, finally, activate the lock option.

In certain cases, the options described here will be of little use since some telemarketing companies withhold their phone numbers on purpose to bypass precisely call blocking systems. But don't worry, we haven't got all the artillery out yet. Keep reading.


Antispam apps

The ever-growing world of applications offers us a series of quite useful alternatives that will help you avoid these kinds of calls. These applications will replace your native 'Phone' app to automatically control that all incoming calls do not belong to numbers marked as spam. We have selected three for you:

  • Truecaller: this application is capable of identifying calls from possible unwanted numbers and allows you to add them to a black list that will automatically block them. Its database is updated daily, with contributions from more than 150 million users who register numbers considered spam and telemarketing . Another of its most interesting functions is its caller ID , with which you can find out who is calling you despite not having their number registered in the phonebook. Of course, you will have to be connected to a WiFi network or with your data connection. The app is available on iOS and Android.
  • Call Blocking - This call blocking app has very good reviews on Google Play Store. Simple, but with great potential , "Call Block" also allows you to add unwanted phones to your blacklist, as well as block calls from private or unknown numbers. Available on Android.
  • Whoscall - Caller ID & Block: Finally, we also recommend Whoscall if you want to get rid of spam bots or telemarketing at once. Its huge database can be used to comfortably filter unwanted calls, as well as having an offline option to search for phone numbers  from the application itself. Also available for iOS and Android.

robinson list

Robinson List

Another option to end commercial harassment is to subscribe to the Robinson List, a registry that allows you, easily and free of charge, to avoid advertising from companies to which you have not consented to contact you.

Enrollment in this service  is completely free for all Spanish citizens.  To do this, the first thing you should do is go to their website. Next, you will have to  register giving your personal information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your username (DNI or NIE) and a numeric password.

Finally, press the "Access to the service" button where you will be asked for your name and password. You select where you want to stop receiving advertising (e-mail, telephone, postal mail or SMS) indicating your address and number.

The Robinson list is respected by the vast majority of telemarketing companies, so by registering on it you will get rid of that annoying commercial that has been calling you for days without interruption to change your operator or buy a product that you do not need. In addition, it is a simple process that will not take you more than 3 minutes , as you have seen.

With this series of tips and tools you will be more than shielded against unwelcome phone spam. Start them up today and tell us how your experience has been.