How to configure different notifications for Gmail and WhatsApp

How to configure different notifications for Gmail and WhatsApp

How many notifications do you receive per day on your mobile device? Do you know how many times a day you unlock your phone? Although there are applications that can help us find out, there are studies that indicate that we unlock them an average of 150 times a day. And we do it to check our notifications or make vain queries, like this girl, who was denounced for her date for turning on her mobile over and over again at the movies.

Sometimes a notification sounds. And we don't really know what it's about. Sometimes it can be a simple email message. Or an unimportant WhatsApp. Our mobiles and operating systems offer us new tools to know what we have received before unlocking the screen .

But there is a very basic one that is available on all computers and operating system versions. It doesn't matter which one you have. It is about configuring different sounds for notifications for services like Gmail or WhatsApp . In this way, just by listening to the type of notification you will know who or through what means they claim you.

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Steps to configure different notifications

It has been a long time since our mobiles allow us to assign, for example, a type of notification for each type of message (SMS, messaging, email ...) and for each sender. But, do you know how to configure it on your Android device? It's actually very simple. Follow these steps:

1. First, go to the Settings section of your Android mobile . From here, within the Device area, you will have to click on the Sounds and notifications option.

2. From this section you can configure all the sounds and melodies for the main notifications of the phone. This includes ringtones, but also message notifications. In this section you can also choose the option to vibrate when it rings or activate the Do Not Disturb mode.

However, what interests us here are the notifications of the applications . To access these settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Notifications app.

3. Once inside, a carousel will be displayed with the applications that you have installed on your computer. Here are the basic ones of the phone, but also those corresponding to tools that you have installed afterwards .

different notifications for Gmail

Set up different notifications for Gmail

So let's start by configuring the sound for Gmail email notifications .

1. Without leaving the aforementioned section, locate the Gmail application . The apps are listed in alphabetical order. Just search for the G to locate the email from Google. Click above.

2. Next, touch the sprocket. Choose the account on which you want to change notifications (if you only have one, you will not have the option to choose) and click on Vibration and sound in Inbox .

3. Now, within the blue Notifications area, touch the Sound option . Select the sound you like best. And confirm by pressing OK.

Configure different notifications for WhatsApp

Configure different notifications for WhatsApp

You probably use WhatsApp quite often . So another of the notifications that you can change is that of this application.

1. Follow the same steps indicated in the previous section to access the notification settings for this application.

2. Then choose the sound you like the most and press OK.

You can do the same with other applications. Although you should know that not all of them offer the possibility of configuring the sound of notifications in such a specific way.

In any case, we recommend you modify the main ones to differentiate without problems what type of notification you have received and not have to unlock the phone every time it beeps.