10 series of mythical drawings that you can watch for free on YouTube

10 series of mythical drawings that you can watch for free on YouTube

Those of us who are already in our quarantine cannot forget the animation series that accompanied us during the 80s and that we remember with so much nostalgia now. If we have children, the thing is amplified and, like a great echo, we try not to be forgotten and, between series and series of current drawings, we sneak an episode of 'Maya the bee' or 'Around the world by Willy Fog 'to remember, with them, the afternoons of chocolate sandwich and strawberry milkshake.

Thanks to YouTube, we can find channels that compile some of the series that we remember most from our favorite decade, the 80s, a time marked by creative effervescence, synthetic music and impossible hairstyles. Our task, today, is to offer you 10 complete series that you can find on YouTube at the click of a button. Prepare your chocolate and cookies and get ready to spend a day full of nostalgia thanks to these YouTube channels.

Complete typical cartoon series on YouTube

Maya the Bee

Join Maya the bee and her friends, the grasshopper Flip and the chubby drone Willie on a thousand and one adventures in the woods. It is a Japanese production (yes, Maya the bee is an anime!) With a total of 104 episodes that aired for the first time between 1975 and 1976. It was released in Spain in 1978 and in 2014 a film with Maya was released as the protagonist.

Around the World of Willy Fog

Who does not remember Willy Fog, Tico, Rigodon or Princess Romy? Through the animated adventures of this peculiar group of characters the child will be able to learn the customs and customs of distant countries as well as the customs of its inhabitants. 'Around the World of Willy Fog' is a Spanish co-production between BRB Internacional and Nippon Animation, creator of other mythical series such as 'La abeja maya'. The series consists of only 26 episodes but in our memory there are many more due to the continuous reruns. The series was broadcast for the first time at 3:30 p.m. between January and July 1984.

The tiny ones

"The tiny ones, nobody knows where they are" Thus began the unforgettable tune of this series starring a series of small and charming beings with pointed ears that lived among us. It was created in the United States in 1983 and would not reach our television until three years later. In total there were 29 episodes of a total of three seasons . The Meñique family, the protagonist of the series, lives in the house of Quique, a human who is unaware of the existence of these beings. When he discovers them they will become faithful friends and fight against Professor Cepo, the arch enemy of the diminutives.

Once upon a time the man

This series of drawings served as a history teacher for a whole generation since it told, in a fun and entertaining way, the entire history of humanity. It was created in France and released in 1978, with 26 episodes. The series culminates its review of history upon reaching the dawn of the cold war. A relaxed review by the hand of charismatic characters and an animation that we will all remember forever. And that tune! On this channel you can see all the episodes, which last about 25 minutes.

Ulysses 31

One of the most mythical series of the 80s. It is about the translation of the myth of Homer to science fiction, more specifically the XXXI century. 'Ulysses 31' consists of 26 chapters and tells the story of Ulysses, at the command of the spacecraft 'Odiseus', which destroys the great Cyclops and frees a multitude of prisoner children, among whom is Telemachus. This will arouse the wrath of the Gods, condemning Ulysses to wander the universe until he finds the kingdom of Hades. In the following link you have the complete series in a single video.

Jackie and Nuca (The Tallac Forest)

Who does not remember the bears Jackie and Nape? A series that awakened the animalistic spirit of the children of the 80s and whose first episode is still remembered with some anguish. In 'The forest of Tallac' we witness the adventures and misadventures of two cub brothers and their confrontations with terrible humans. A Japanese series consisting, in total. of 26 episodes that can be enjoyed from the following link.

David the gnome

A Spanish production by BRB Internacional that was incredibly successful among the children of the time and thanks to which they were able to learn values ​​such as environmentalism, companionship, solidarity and respect for nature . In total, there were 26 episodes that we shared with you in a playlist. Its end, by the way, which was a trauma for the children of the time.

D'Artacán and the three muskedogs

Adaptation of the adventure classic by Alexander Dumas in which all the protagonists are dogs. A classic of Japanese animation broadcasting for the first time in Spain in 1982 thanks to the eternal BRB Internacional. As with many other series of the time, his tune song became an indisputable classic among children. Accompany D'Artacán and his muskedogs again in palace intrigues and sword fights during 26 fast-paced episodes of 25 minutes each. Good snacks are guaranteed.

Inspector Gadget

Who could forget the detective adventures of the funniest duo in 80s animation? Inspector Gadget with his elastic arms and legs and his niece Sofia, the true brain of the group, along with the dog Sultan, will fight the evil Doctor Gang and his organization MAD to take over the world. It is a French creation of no less than 86 episodes divided into two-season runs. His success has been such that his character has even been brought to life in two films.


The most soccer fans will not be able to forget the 'Champions' series starring Oliver and Benji. Who does not remember those endless trips to the goal, which took 3 episodes to score a goal! Now you can remember the afternoons of Champions thanks to this playlist.