5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less

5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less

Maybe with quarantine you are using your TV more. Perhaps you have realized that it does not look as good as you thought when you saw it for just one hour a day. Or you may want to take advantage of it, since you are at home, renew the TV and buy a little better. Whatever the reason for the change, if you are looking for a new TV we will help you. We have made a small selection of 5 TVs for less than 800 euros that offer very good value for money .

Samsung QE50Q60T

We start with what is perhaps the most recommended model on the list. More than anything because it is a television that has just hit the market. We are talking about the Samsung QE50Q60T, a 2020 QLED TV compatible with HDR10 + .

It is the entry model to Samsung's QLED range, but it still has very interesting features. For example, it uses the quantum dot system to be able to show 100% of the color volume .

5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less Q60T

The Q60T is equipped with the Quantum Lite processor and comes with the latest version of Tizen OS, one of the best Smart TV systems on the market. It is compatible with all voice assistants, has the new Multi View function and integrates the Samsung SmartThings system.

Now we can get the Samsung QE50Q60T in 50 inches with a sale price of just over 760 euros .

LG 49SM9000

If we have a little less space, or do not want to rush the budget so much, another good option is the LG 49SM9000 . It is a TV with a 49-inch IPS panel and 4K resolution .

This model has LG's NanoCell technology to achieve a purer color. In addition, it is one of the highest models in this range, so it comes equipped with a Full Array Pro lighting system .

5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less SM9000

Being a last year model, the LG SM9000 is equipped with the second generation Alpha 7 processor . It also has webOS 4.5 and is compatible with the reproduction of Dolby Vision and HDR10 images . Also, this NanoCell model has Dolby Atmos sound.

In short, a very interesting television for those who have little room in the living room. Also, now we can get the LG SM9000 in 49 inches with a price of 650 euros .

Sony KD-49XG8096

Also 49 inches is this Sony model that we have selected. In general we have preferred to prioritize higher image quality over size.

5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less Sony

The Sony KD-49XG8096 is a model with LED technology that includes the 4K X-Reality PRO processor and TRILUMINOS screen . The former is responsible for scaling any image to 4K resolution and achieving fluid images, while the TRILUMINOS system allows better color reproduction.

This Sony model is equipped with ClearAudio + and is compatible with the Google Assistant. Something that is not surprising, since it comes with Android TV . Thanks to the Google operating system for televisions we will have access to all the usual applications.

Now we can get the Sony KD-49XG8096, 49-inch models, with a price of 600 euros .

Philips 50PUS7304

The one known as Philips The One could not be missing in our selection, since it is a very well balanced television.

5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less The One

The Philips 50PUS7304 is a 4K TV that supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 + . It has the Philips P5 Perfect Picture image processing engine, which achieves a very sharp image.

It has Android TV , with which we will have access to the vast majority of applications that we all look for. Also, as is often the case with Philips models, the 7304 comes with the manufacturer's Ambilight system . This time a three-sided system has been used, so we will have magnificent ambient lighting.

Now we can get the Philips 50PUS7304, a model that sports a 50-inch diagonal, with a price of 550 euros .

Samsung QE55Q64R

And we finish our selection with another Samsung QLED TV, although this belongs to the 2019 range. It is the Samsung QE55Q64R, a model with a 55-inch diagonal and Quantum Dot technology .

5 offers to renew your TV for 800 euros or less Q64

The Samsung QE55Q64R has a processor that uses AI to scale any image that reaches the television. It is also equipped with the Q HDR system, Ambient Mode and Samsung's Smart TV.

We can get the Samsung QE55Q64R, a 55-inch model, with a price of 700 euros . A good alternative to this year's model that we put at the beginning if we want a slightly larger TV and we don't want to go out of budget.