How to share the location of a Cabify if you ask for it for family or friends

How to share the location of a Cabify if you ask for it for family or friends

Thanks to the appearance of companies such as Cabify or Uber, controversies aside, the user can choose between various VTC vehicle transport offers and not only stick to the taxi as an indispensable element. Thanks to the integration of the service in mobile applications, the user can contract one of its services knowing, at the moment, how much the trip will cost and be able to follow the hired car on the map, being able to be alert for when it arrives to pick us up at our destination.

But, what happens when we request a service for another person? Will it be impossible for this person to watch where his Cabify car is going ? Well no, thanks to the ride-sharing option, even if you haven't booked the trip, you will be able to see where your car is going and thus know when you will have to be ready to ride. In addition, thanks to the option to share the trip, your family members can follow your route while you are making the trip, so they know that everything is going well at any time.

To share a trip that you have contracted with friends and family you have to do the following.


Share a Cabify trip through the app

  • The moment you have requested a trip through Cabify you must press the 'Share' button that you will find at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once the screen is open, choose through which application you want to share the trip, for example, WhatsApp.
  • At that moment, the recipient will see a link that they must click to view the trip, without the need for the recipient to have the Cabify application installed on their phone. They will be able to see driver information, vehicle data and the journey in real time.


Share a Cabify trip over the web

  • Once you have requested the trip, you must click on ' Share your trip '.
  • Once this is done, a new tab will open with your trip.
  • Copy and paste the link from the previous window and share the link with whoever you want to know where the Cabify journey is going.

As you have seen, it is very easy to share your Cabify trip with friends and family, so they can know where the car is going even if they have not hired it.