Bose OE2i, in-depth analysis

bose oe2i

The Bose OE2i are small headphones that will come in handy for those users who require a light and comfortable model, but who do not adapt to the in-ear headphones that are so fashionable at the moment. There are people who are hurt, or who can't stand them for too long. Others don't feel too safe with the extra insulation they provide. That is why the small ones of the supra-ear type are preferred , which usually offer some isolation against outside noise, and which can be carried on the street to listen to music from an MP3 player or a mobile phone. In this case they are also compatible with mobile phones. Music and communications in a single device, being able to switch from one to the other simply by pressing the button. Even more interesting is the fact that they can be carried comfortably and easily in a slim rigid carrying case that practically fits in your pocket.

bose oe2i


These headphones are very stylish. You can tell right away that they are well built , solid, and that the manufacturer has used top quality materials. The design is also beautiful and the selection of colors very successful. They are available in white and gray, but also in a combination of black and silver. Both combinations convey a good quality air. The truth is that headphones have class.

Its refined appearance is contributed by the oval shells that perfectly adapt to the wearer's ear, overlapping it, and the shape of the headband fasteners. They go over the ear instead of creating a seal around it like other models on the market. This allows to reduce the size, and above all to leave them at a weight of 140 grams . The headband is very narrow, but very comfortable, and between that and how light they are, they can be worn for hours without fatigue. By the way, the headband is slightly inclined forward with respect to the vertical of the shells so that it does not move with sudden movements of the head.

The design of the pads is also very successful; They are injected with memory foam , a material similar to that used in state-of-the-art mattresses. It offers insulation, comfort, and lightness, also allowing perspiration, except in the hottest of summer. It's almost like you won't be wearing pads because they reduce pressure points.

The shells can be rotated 90 degrees so that the headphones offer a flat profile. They can then be tucked into the headband, significantly reducing the size of the headphones. In this way they can fit in a rigid transport case of reduced dimensions. By the way, the headband is adjustable, so they can be used regardless of the size of the head. It allows an extension range of up to seven and a half centimeters.

The cable is removable, which has two advantages. In the first place, if it deteriorates, it can be exchanged for another. Second, it can be unplugged from the left shell, where it is inserted, for easier folding and easier transport. In this cable there is a small elongated control knob with two buttons to increase and decrease the volume, and another to answer calls or change songs, and on the inside of this small control there is a grill that reveals the presence of a microphone .

bose oe2i


The small control knob embedded in the middle of the cable is intended for use with Apple products. In this way you can work with iPod Nano fourth generation and later, with iPod Classic in 120 GB and 160 GB versions, with iPod Touch second generation or later, with iPod Shuffle third generation or later, with the iPhone 3GS , with the iPhone 4 , with all iPads and with MacBook and MacBook Pro , as long as they are after 2009.

Some users have commented that these headphones have also turned out to be compatible with their Android smartphones , although not all models on the market will recognize the hands-free functions, and many of them do not accept the volume up and down commands. If you have an Android phone, you better go to a store before buying it where they let you check if it works with your phone or with your MP3 player. Thus, you will avoid paying for control functions that you could not later take advantage of.

bose oe2i

Sound performance

There is no doubt. These headphones sound great. They have TriPort technology , invented by the manufacturer, that allows you to enjoy a very balanced sound with punchy bass. They don't fall short, like many headphones do, or deafen in uncontrolled bass gibberish. The sound is at the height of the most demanding, although it must be recognized that it is not by chance. Bose has incorporated acoustic equalization circuitrywhich adjusts the frequency response so that the sound matches the ideal in-house engineers have in mind. The sound has improved slightly over previous OEs. In this case, the sound is much more natural in the bass area than in its predecessor, although it may be a bit disappointing for bass fans who take their money out of their pockets.

The position of the pads also helps to provide some isolation from outside sound, but without being total, which somewhat increases safety when walking through a big city in traffic. They have enough power for all musical styles.

In the middle of the cable they have a small microphone with enough capacity to pick up the conversations. The performance of the headphones, when used with telephone applications, is also very good, and communication benefits from the equalization capabilities. The small remote allows you to hang up and answer calls, and with the microphone you can also operate some voice control applications such as VoiceOver or VoiceControl.

bose oe2i


For many audio fans, the price of Bose headphones is a burning question. They seem to be excessively expensive, and it is true that it is possible to find other models on the market that cost a little less, and some much more expensive. Sometimes they cost even half, and with a sound that, although not the same, is close enough if the user is not too demanding. However, most of them are not that well built, nor are they that strong, light and stylish. Also, the cable is not removable. Many of them cannot even be connected to a mobile phone, because they lack hands-free functions as they do not have that remote with a microphone.

All that said, if what you are looking for is a pair of headphones that allow you to simply listen to music, it may not be worth investing in these. You can save 30 euros by buying the Bose OE2 model . If you want to go quietly down the street listening to your favorite music, with the assurance that you will not miss phone calls and being able to answer them in comfort, then there is no doubt. The amount of 180 euros is a very reasonable investment when they allow you to enjoy quality music, and also have clear telephone conversations.

Data sheet

Noise CancellationNot
Sensitivity104 dB (estimated)
ConnectorsCable with remote and microphone
AccessoriesFlat carrying case
Dimensions and weight

191 x 152 x 20 mm

140 gr

Target price

180 euros
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