Guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday

Guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday

Do you want to take advantage of Black Friday to get a new audio equipment? What do you need? A sound bar for the TV? Maybe a Bluetooth speaker? Or maybe what you are looking for is a powerful speaker for your parties? Whatever you are looking for, it is very likely that you will find the solution in the extensive catalog of LG sound equipment . And what better way to get your dream team with an interesting discount.

To help you decide what type of equipment you need, we have done a little review of LG's audio product catalog . For this we have divided them into three purchase options, according to the interests or the purpose of each user. We have theater equipment, home stereos, and portable equipment. Let's see them.

For movie lovers: Sound bars

Today's televisions offer picture quality that was unthinkable a few years ago. But to have a complete audiovisual experience it is essential to have a sound to match. A good way to improve the sound of your television is to opt for a sound bar . We will thus avoid complicated installations with cables and speakers everywhere.

guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday sound bars

LG sound bars offer Hi-Res audio, with a quality that reaches 24 bits and 96 KHz . It is a resolution 6.5 times higher than that of a CD, being compatible with FLAC, WAV and ALAC files.

But if what we want is to enjoy home theater technology, we must consider sound bars with Dolby Atmos technology . Without the need to deploy cables, models with Dolby Atmos are capable of creating 360º surround sound. Models with this technology create a three-dimensional space with up to 128 independent sounds in motion, thus achieving full surround sound.

And if you don't want to invest in a model with Dolby Atmos, you can opt for the DTS Virtual: X technology . This Virtual 3D sound offers a complete audiovisual experience. Creates a surround effect that allows the viewer to feel that sounds surround them.

guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday DTS: X sound bars

LG sound bars are capable of converting playlists into high resolution audio . Thus a clear and stable sound is achieved. In addition, its system allows to enhance the voice to reinforce understanding thanks to the volume stabilizer and modulator. Adjusting the sound equalizer automatically allows you to optimize the sound quality according to the content.

And, of course, we do not forget the ease of connection. LG sound bars have great connectivity. Its WiFi connection allows you to play content from any mobile device. And not only that, but the cloud is integrated into the sound bars thanks to Google Chromecast . This allows us to save data and battery while enjoying the highest sound quality in streaming music.

In addition, we have the possibility of controlling our sound bar through voice. Some models have Google Assistant , Google's virtual assistant.

LG SK10Y, SK8 and SK5R

guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday SK10Y sound bars

Among all the sound bars that make up the LG catalog we want to highlight three models. On the one hand the LG SK10Y, a Hi-Res sound bar with Dolby Atmos and 550W of power . This model is at the top of the range and has been developed together with Meridian technology.

If the SK10Y is out of budget, we can opt for the LG SK8. It is a sound bar that inherits almost all the characteristics of its older sister, such as Dolby Atmos sound or the integration of the Google Assistant . It is also capable of playing Hi-Res audio and comes with a built-in subwoofer.

Finally, we have the more modest LG SK5R. Actually, we are looking at a complete sound system. On the one hand we have a Hi-Res soundbar with DTS Virtual: X and 480W of power . On the other hand, a wireless subwoofer . And, closing the whole, some wireless rear speakers . In other words, we have a complete 5.1 system with practically no cables.

For music and party lovers: La Bestia

If you like to throw big parties or you just want a very powerful home computer, The Beast by LG is what you are looking for. It is a range of speakers that, in different formats, offers great power (up to 5000W) and state-of-the-art connectivity .

These teams allow you to connect up to 3 Bluetooth devices, 2 USB and a CD at the same time . You can even connect two microphones, activate the Karaoke with a voice canceller and take out the singer in us. It has voice effects that will allow us to achieve different voices for greater fun.

As we said, it is a speaker very designed for parties. It has DJ effects , such as the Auto DJ option that will mix songs automatically. And if we prefer to be the DJ ourselves, we have multiple effects built into the equipment.

The LG Beast speakers can be controlled from the application through the mobile's Bluetooth connectivity . This app allows us to choose the songs that we like the most, adding the sound effects we want.

guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday sound bars La Bestia

But what is a party without good lighting effects? LG's La Bestia speakers feature multi-color LED lighting effects to create a nightclub-like environment. They offer the Party Thurster option, with which we can take control of the speaker and play our favorite music at any speed accompanied by multi-colored lights and powerful bass.

The La Bestia high-power loudspeaker family is made up of systems in different formats . We have from the LG OK99, the largest speaker, to the LG CK56, a micro system with 700W of power, Bluetooth and DJ functions.

For those who want portable sound: Xboom speakers

If you are one of those who take music with you everywhere, LG can offer you a series of wireless and portable speakers with great sound quality. Take the LG Xboom Go, a portable Bluetooth speaker with Meridian sound .

The Xboom Go offers high-quality audio, both at home and outdoors. It is equipped with the “Clear Vocal” system , which allows the singer's detailed and clear voice to be heard even at the highest volume without distortion. On the other hand, the "Enhanced Bass" mode creates deeper bass, to feel the vibrations with the highest quality.

guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday Xboom portable speaker

The LG Xboom Go is capable of achieving the highest resolution in streaming services through its Bluetooth connection . And, in addition, we can control it through voice commands . We just have to press a button and activate the mobile voice assistant to play music or ask questions.

You can not miss the lighting system that flashes to the rhythm of the music. And resistance to water and splashes (IPX5) . This will allow us to organize the party anywhere, even near the pool. Even more so if we consider that the LG Boom Go's battery is capable of operating for 22 hours in a row.

So now you know, if you are thinking of buying an audio equipment on Black Friday, take a look at the range of LG products. You will not regret it.