TP-Link Neffos X1, complete analysis with price and opinions

Neffos X1 from TP-Link, we have tested it 1

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The Neffos X1 is the consolidation of TP-Link in the smartphone market. A mid-range device with a moderate price and a series of features that make it an interesting alternative to the big brands. The Neffos X1 is a mobile made of aluminum, with a 5-inch panel, an eight-core processor with 3 GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel main camera. We have been able to thoroughly test each and every one of the sections of this device . Next, we tell you our experience in this complete analysis of the Neffos X1, available for a price of 200 euros.

Specifications Neffos X1

screen5 ″ HD 1,280 x 720 pixels
Main chamber13 megapixel Full HD video
Camera for selfies5 megapixels
Internal memory16 GB and 32 GB / Expandable via microSD card
ExtensionmicroSD up to 256GB
Processor and RAMEight cores at 1.8 GHz, 2 and 3 GB
Battery2,200 mAh
Operating systemAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
ConnectionsBT 4.1, GPS, WI-FI AC
SIMDual nanoSIM
DesignMetal and glass, fingerprint reader
Dimensions142 x 71 x 7.95 mm (135 grams)
Featured FeaturesFM radio, gestures, floating button
Release dateAvailable
Price199 euros

Design, metal and ergonomics for the mid-range

TP-Link has chosen quality materials for its flagship device, the Neffos X1 incorporates a metallic design, both on the back and on the edges, while the front is completely glass with 2.5D technology. The rear of the Neffos X1 has a kind of curvature, this makes its grip much more comfortable. On the same back, we find a 13-megapixel main camera with dual-tone LED flash and a rounded fingerprint reader. Everything in the same metal band. Below we find the Neffos logo.


On the front, few news. The navigation buttons are located on the body of the device, a good point if we talk about a measured screen like the one on this Neffos X1. The downside of the navigation buttons is that they don't light up . In the upper part of the front we find the camera, the proximity sensors and the speaker for calls. As for the frames, they are just 8 millimeters thick. The location of the buttons is more than correct; on the right side we find the power button and the volume button, on the left a sliding button to put the terminal on silence. In addition to the key for the SIM card. At the top we find the 3.5 mm jack for the headphones and at the bottom the micro USB connector and the main speaker.

Fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader is located at the rear, just below the camera and the dual-tone LED flash. The location is very good , it is perfectly reached by holding the device with one hand. And its operation has surprised us. It is fast and accurate, at the first touch it already unlocks the device without any problem. Although when the device is completely locked, we noticed that it takes a little longer due to the animation. On the other hand, the signature has included different characteristics in the reader. For example, it can be used to unlock different system apps. It also allows us to take photos in the camera application.


Neffos X1 display

The Neffos X1 screen is 5 inches with HD resolution (1080 x 720 pixels). Is it an adequate resolution for a panel of this size? The truth is that yes, but as long as the interpretation of the colors, the viewing angles and of course, that the panel technologies are good. This is the case. During our review, we were able to see good blacks, good  viewing angles, and no problem viewing the screen up close.. As for the brightness, indoors we have no problem, it is clear and it looks perfectly. It is outdoors when we notice the low presence of nits, it is difficult for us to see the screen, especially in bright sunlight. On the other hand, the screen seems to be very far from the front glass, consequently we noticed some reflections and a slower tactile response than we would like.

In addition , we can customize different settings of the screen . In settings, we can choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature, as well as the brightness level of it.

Performance, MediaTek does a good job

Neffos X1 from TP-Link, we have tested it 2

Regarding performance, the Neffos X1 has an ocoho-core Helio P10 processor with 2GB of RAM. We have tried all kinds of games, and they all move smoothly, without any problem. We have not found any type of lag, or anything important that weighs down the experience when playing games. On the more powerful games like Asphalt 8, we have not had any problems either. They move well, very well. We have also tested how well the processor works when running day-to-day applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Chrome, etc. They all move smoothly, without cuts. And we see the same result when we move through the system. The transitions and animations are smooth and the processes open them correctly. Only when we have many applications in the background do the animations start to cut off, something normal in MediaTek processors.

In the AnTuTu tests, it has given us a score of 40571 . It would thus be just below the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. When we performed a second test, we have obtained 45,024 points.

Software, complete and functional

Neffos X1 from TP-Link, we have tested it 3

Neffos has decided to implement its own customization layer under Android 6.0 Marshmallow, we have a customization layer without application drawer, with minimalist icons, with a fusion of Google and Neffos' own, the icons are beautiful and intuitive. Within the applications we find our own Material Design style; Rounded icons, drop-down settings menu and pastel colors, without a doubt, a very positive point for this customization layer.

Something that we also have to highlight about the customization layer is that we do not have third-party applications installed by default, only the fair and necessary ones. Of the firm's own applications, we have to highlight the Themes app . In this we can customize the customization layer, and choose between different icons, transitions, sounds, etc. Although it does not have a very extensive gallery of themes, the ones they include are really nice. The weather application that the system includes is one of my favorites, it displays graphics with a minimalist style and fluid animations depending on the weather.

We should also mention the file manager that the system includes. We can easily view the audio files, video images, etc. In addition to seeing the available storage of our device. Lastly, Neffos has included an application called ”˜Comments” ™. From there, we can send the errors we find to the firm, so that they can apply a solution. Just add a comment, a screenshot of the problem, and our contact details.

Apart from the applications mentioned above, we also have the classic Google applications , such as maps, Gmail, Duo, Youtube ”¦ and others of the system, such as calendar, gallery, music, clock, notes, videos, recorder, FM radio, calculator , downloads, contacts, SIM services and compass.


Neffos wanted to create a clean settings menu, with just the necessary settings to have a better experience. The most prominent is without a doubt the floating button option. This mode is found in the smart settings, and it allows us to apply a virtual button on the screen with different shortcuts. We can take a screenshot quickly, or block the device among other uses . In addition, we have the option to automatically disable it when the screen is in landscape mode. We can also configure the location of the navigation keys. As well as applying the gloves mode. Another of the settings that we can find is the possibility of activating the notification led for notifications or charging.

Neffos has undoubtedly done a great job with its customization layer . Yes it is true that you need the features of Android Nougat to be perfect, but the features it offers are more than enough to interact with the layer on a day-to-day basis. The settings, configurations and design of the applications are very good, with a pure Android style, but more advanced. We hope that future updates will incorporate more features.


The Neffos X1 is equipped with a 13 megapixel main camera with autofocus accompanied by a dual-tone LED flash.

Neffos X1 Camera

The daytime results are good for the terminal specifications. Unfortunately, it is not comparable with other terminals with the same characteristics, but for the price range we could not ask for more. In bright conditions the results are good.We have good detail, good color and good shadow rendering, although in some scenes (very rarely) we see the vignette around the image. When the lighting conditions drop, such as indoors, we see a deterioration in the quality of the images. Noise is already beginning to be present in most circumstances, especially when we focus on certain objects. In low-light night scenes the result of the photographs is decent, although we continue to see excess noise, which is reduced by using its powerful dual-tone LED flash.

The front camera is 5 megapixels . In good light conditions we get good pictures, it is a decent camera, which can be perfectly useful for video calls and specific selfies.

As for the camera application, the truth is that it is not one of the most complete but it fulfills perfectly. The design of it is beautiful and intuitive, it has a basic mode to be able to take pictures and adjust some parameters. If we slide to the right we will find different filters. To the left, we will see some camera settings, as well as the panoramic mode among others.


The Neffos X1 has a 2,250 mAh battery. It can be a good battery, considering the screen size, resolution, processor and optimization by the manufacturer. But it is like a lighter. That is, at rest or when we use the device occasionally, the battery lasts long enough to reach the end of the day. Things change when we use the device for a longer time, with long-term videos, downloads, updates, games, etc. With this use, the battery drains more quickly and we will hardly reach the end of the day.

Conclusions and price

Neffos X1 Front

Neffos has made a very premium mid-range terminal, with very powerful specifications and, above all, at a very reasonable price. The Neffos X1 costs about 200 euros . It is a terminal with a very beautiful design, possibly one of its main characteristics. Metal body, good grip, good materials and good placement of the keypad. The software is another of the sections of this device that we liked the most , and despite being in an older version of Android, the customization layer is very complete. We like that they have emphasized the customization options and the various settings.

On the other hand, and like all mobiles, it has some sections that should be improved. One of the most negative points that we have found during our analysis is its camera, in good lighting conditions we will not have any problems. But we did notice an increase in noise when taking pictures in low light . Even so, for 200 euros we can't ask for much more. In addition, in some online portals we can find it for 170 euros. In short, the Neffos X1 is a very nice terminal with good features at a good price, an option to take into account if we are looking for a mid-range at a contained price.

We like:


Your personalization layer

Menu and app fluidity

It could get better:

The camera in some situations

Autonomy could improve