Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it

Good, nice and durable . This is the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, the new heir to Samsung to reign in the upper-middle range. A team that is committed to a 5.2-inch medium format and a renewed design. And it is that the renewal of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016  and older brother of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is the first terminal of the company in this price range (430 euros) that receives the IP68 certification. That is, a team capable of resisting submerged in water without having to run for a glass of rice.

In addition, a clean design has also been sought in which the camera does not protrude a single millimeter above the housing. All this with the combination, already classic in Samsung, of the use of metal on the sides and glass on both the back and the front. The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is available in four different colors: black, blue, gold and pink .

Video analysis of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

And we cannot forget about the battery section. If the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 was already one of the kings in this section in 2016, this year's one repeats the feat. Its score of almost 11,000 points on AnTuTu Tester translates into a typical usage time of two days without the need to search for a plug.

Samsung has also wanted to give a nod to selfie lovers with an excellent 16-megapixel camera and f / 1.9 aperture on the front. The same resolution as your main camera.

It also leaves us excellent news for users who had the impression that Samsung's own Touchwiz interface slowed down mobile use. Samsung has once again lightened the load and the use of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is very fluid through its different menus and settings.

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is February 3, with an official price of 430 euros. We have already had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth. We bring you our conclusions in this complete analysis with characteristics and opinions.

samsung galaxy a5 2017 side

View of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with Always on Display

Offers and where to buy

Buy Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 in the Samsung Store - 420 euros

Buy Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 in Worten - 384 euros

Buy Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 at Amazon - From 330 euros

Buy Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 in El Corte Inglés 330 euros

A very elegant and waterproof design

Design with metal sides and glass front and back, differentiated slots for the SIM card and microSD card, water resistant, fingerprint reader

There is no doubt that one of the great steps forward of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is its degree of protection against dust and water . This mobile can set a new trend in mid-range designs this year: waterproof designs. It is true that we have already seen this feature in several Sony models such as the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, but so far it has had a rather limited relevance.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 side home button

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has a water and dust resistant design

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has obtained the IP68 certification. The first of the numbers refers to resistance to dust, while the second refers to resistance to water. Based on this level, it would be possible to submerge the Galaxy A for more than half an hour to a depth of up to one meter. Of course, these results refer to laboratory tests. In reality, both the chlorine in swimming pools and the salt in seawater are corrosive elements that can end up damaging the phone. That is, we should not happily submerge our mobile, but we can be sure that it will endure an accidental fall into the water or a shower.

This mobile is submersible to water and resistant to dust with a degree of protection IP68, but that does not mean that we can use it lightly

Another key to the design of the new Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is in the effort to. In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, the rear camera and flash equipment do not protrude one iota on the housing. In fact, it is slightly recessed to prevent it from being hit that could damage the lens. Of course, what is repeated compared to last year is the use of materials. Metal on the sides and glass on both the back and the front . By the way, the frames in the rear area are curved to make the grip more comfortable and enhance the final appeal.

samsung galaxy a5 2017 front with hand

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 combines metal with glass

One of the curiosities that the Galaxy A5 leaves us is the way in which the different elements have been distributed. Instead of using the same tray for the SIM card and the microSD card slot, the company has chosen to separate them (one slot on the left side and the other on the top).

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 slot

Detail of the card slot on the left side

It is also surprising that the speaker is on the right side at the top. It is a position that seems to us a complete success. And it is that when the mobile is turned horizontally to play it tends to cover the area where the speaker is usually placed (the bottom of the mobile). Without a doubt, an excellent decision by Samsung.

samsung galaxy a5 2017 slot speaker

View of the speaker on the right side of the smartphone

When buying the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have four different colors: black, light blue (the model we have received for testing), gold and pink .

Measures of this terminal are placed in the  146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 mm , with a weight of 159 grams .

design samsung galaxy a5 2017

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with box

Comparative table of weights and thicknesses

Samsung Galaxy A5 20175.2 inch7.9 mm159 grams
Samsung Galaxy A5 20165.2 inch7.3 mm155 grams
Honor 85.2 inch7.4 mm153 grams
Sony Xperia Z55.2 inch7.3 mm154 grams
Huawei P95.2 inch6.95 mm144 grams

As we can see, the Korean company does not want to turn the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. On the other hand, it has focused on enhancing its battery without giving much weight to the fineness and lightness of the terminal. Interestingly, if we compare it with the same terminal last year, we can see that these values ​​have risen very slightly.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 fingerprint reader

Fingerprint reader and USB type C port of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Fingerprint reader

Another element that could not be missing in a premium mid-range smartphone is the fingerprint reader. The company maintains the position of this reader directly on the start button, one of the hallmarks of the Korean company. By the way, most of the rumors indicate that Samsung will sacrifice this physical button for touch buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Gallery

Rumors aside, the fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has a dual main purpose. On the one hand, it will help us to provide an extra security when unlocking the phone. On the other hand, it is key so that we can carry out payments through mobile thanks to Samsung Pay (we will talk about this tool later).

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 incorporates the fingerprint reader directly on the start button

The main problem with this fingerprint reader is that it is not at the same level as the readers that we find in companies like Huawei or Xiaomi (to give two examples). Fingerprint recognition is not fine if we position the finger in a different direction than usual, and sometimes you have to place the finger two or three times for it to work properly. In addition, you must first make a first previous touch on the screen to turn it on. In models like the Honor 8, just put your finger at any time on the button with the screen off to unlock it.

Screen from your expert on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 page on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Medium power

Own Exynos processor, 3 GB of RAM, good fluency in menus, apps and games, 32 GB of internal memory

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is a mobile that lands directly in the mid-range. Samsung has prioritized energy efficiency over power, so this is not a very powerful team. It does withstand normal use quite well and switching between the different menus and screens is very agile . You can see that in recent times the company has done an excellent job in reducing its Touchwiz software layer.

samsung galaxy a5 2017 asphalt

Asphalt 8: Airborne game scene on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

And what about the performance of this team in games? We have tested the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 in one of the most demanding games on the Android platform. The Asphalt 8: Airborne has become a classic racing games this platform. Its arcade style of game with full action and its graphics make it an excellent power meter. The result has been very good, with a smooth experience at all times . Even in the animations of the beginning of the race (one of the points that usually give more problems) the result is noticeable.

Be that as it may, the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 does not stand out so well when we face it against the battery of tests of AnTuTu Benchmark and Geekbench 4. In these cases, its scores reach 60,722 points (AnTuTu Benchmark) and 3,967 points (Geekbench) .

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it 1

From left to right, results of our tests on AnTuTu Benchmark and Geekbench 4

To reach these numbers, the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 uses the brand's own processor. It is an eight-core chip with a maximum speed of 1.9 GHz per core. This processor is combined with a 3 GB RAM , a value that is becoming a trend in mid-range models in recent months.

The technical set of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is made up of its own eight-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB

The internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 stands at 32 GB . The usable space that remains by ignoring the operating system and the own apps is about 23 GB. As expected, we will also have the option to expand the capacity through a microSD memory card. Or, opt for an online storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Rear camera on the samsung galaxy a5 2017

Twin 16 megapixel cameras

16 megapixel resolution in its two cameras, aperture of f / 1.9 that allows brighter photos, lack of optical image stabilization, HDR mode with very good results, a floating button to facilitate taking photos

It is obvious. We like selfies. And Samsung has wanted to honor that reality in its Galaxy A5 2017. The company has built not one but two cameras with a resolution of 16 megapixels . One for taking normal photos and one for our self portraits. In addition, the two lenses mark an aperture of f / 1.9 , a value that should give us a very good result in low light conditions.

Comparison gallery of Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Starting with the main camera, the presence of  autofocus and LED flash could not be missing . The time in which the image is fixed is very remarkable, although it does not reach the level of the Samsung Galaxy S7 (practically instantaneous). The quality of the photos taken reaches a level that has nothing to envy to high-end mobile cameras. In fact, we are facing a very bright sensor , a guarantee when it comes to dealing with photos of all kinds.

We also want to highlight its HDR mode , one of the ones that has given us the best results in our tests. The purity of the colors and the clarity with which the photos are in dark environments is truly remarkable. It is true that the photos have a certain unreal touch, but not as much as in other cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 rear camera from the side

Rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

But it is not all positive in this camera. The lack of an image stabilizer (OIS) can play some tricks on us if we have a bad pulse or if we want to take moving photos. We also did not find this function when recording video. By the way, such recording is done in a maximum quality of 1080p Full HD .

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it 2

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 camera modes


Samsung has decided to give a twist to the camera app with a simpler interface, which does not abuse the available modes. Specifically, we have seven different modes. This selection can be expanded by downloading new tools, in a very similar way to that found in Sony Xperia mobiles. Of course, at the moment we only enjoy two additional options that leave the total number of modes at 9.


It is the standard mode par excellence. The camera itself selects the settings that ensure the best photo.


The professional mode of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 provides an extra when it comes to controlling the camera. Of course, photography lovers may find this mode somewhat insufficient, since it is only possible to control the ISO values ​​(up to ISO-800), the white balance or the exposure to light .

samsung galaxy a5 2017 top


Little to explain in this way that it is an essential tool in any mobile camera worth its salt.


A mode for recording videos that then appear at ultra fast speed. In our tests we have found that this mode accelerates the speed around ten times compared to normal recording. We have missed the option of setting different speeds.


This is the mode that we liked the most by far from the camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, especially designed to improve photos in sunsets and in scenes with high contrast.


A specific mode for night photos that increases the brightness of the resulting images. We have not found it to improve much what can be achieved with the auto mode.


Another mode that is already difficult to ignore in a high-mid-range terminal. This mode enhances the values ​​so that the food photos come out more appetizing by centering the focus on a circle (which should correspond to the plate) that we can move along the screen. In addition, the option to change the size of said circle is also offered , something that is not usually usual and that will give a lot of play.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 animated GIF

Interface to create an animated GIF on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

ANIMATED GIF (Downloaded)

In this mode a burst of photos is taken ( up to a maximum of 20 ) which the Galaxy A5 2017 automatically converts into an animated GIF file . The editing tool has surprised us by how complete it is. From here we can play with the frames that will be part of the GIF, change the aspect ratio (panoramic format, 4: 3…), the speed at which the frames follow each other, the direction of movement or even include decorative elements.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it 3

GIF created with the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

SPORTS (Downloaded)

Finally, we have the sports mode , designed for photos that want to immortalize sports moments. Hopefully, new camera modes will be added over the weeks to enjoy all these functions.

samsung galaxy a5 selfie camera

An overview of the selfie camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Camera for selfies

The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has a very remarkable performance, at the height of the most powerful models on the market. This is achieved thanks to its light sensor with f / 1.9 and a resolution of 16 megapixels . In addition, it allows to carry out videos with a Full HD resolution of 1,080p . Its performance has left us a good feeling in the mouth in all kinds of conditions. Of course, we would have liked the company to put the icing on this lens with a flash on the front. It has not been the case, but we do have the option of using the brightness of the screen itself as an improvised flash .

The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 reaches 16 megapixels of resolution and has an aperture f / 1.9

As usual in these cases, we have a beauty mode and a good number of filters to improve the result of our selfies. Personally, it seems to me that it is always more natural to take the photo without beauty or, at least, to activate it at a low level. We run the risk that our photos have a touch too unreal, although it is always a matter of taste. 

Photo gallery taken with the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Floating button

We didn't want to end this section without pausing for a moment on this handy tool. We are talking about the floating button , which is activated from the camera app settings. Once activated, we will see an icon float across the screen that we can drag anywhere . This button can give us a lot of play since it prevents us from having to juggle in certain situations to get to the traditional fire button. A simple addition but that contributes a lot. Quite a success in our opinion.

Close up image of the samsung galaxy a5 2017

Super AMOLED display

5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen, Full HD resolution, good brightness levels and tactile response 

No doubt. Today Samsung is the firm that makes the best screens for mobile phones. The company is, in fact, responsible for many of the panels that competitive models sport. And not in vain, it was the first company to bring to the market a device with a curved screen on both sides . That it sets a trend in this field is undeniable, since other competitors have joined this trend in recent months (proof of this is the special edition of the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Edition or the Honor Magic).

So, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 bets on a flat panel technology Super AMOLED . This technology achieves higher brightness levels than traditional LCD screens. In addition, it also offers more efficient power consumption, which results in greater autonomy for the phone.

In the specific case of the Galaxy A5, the result is excellent. The colors are very vibrant and the fineness of the tactile response is typical of a leading computer. It is true that there is a saturation point in the colors, but it does not seem like a handicap if what you want is to enjoy more color in movies and videos.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 uses a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED panel with Full HD resolution

The panel size of this device stands at 5.2 inches , a format that is already becoming a standard for many premium mid-range and high-end computers. The truth is that it is a very comfortable size and well balanced between a large screen for watching videos and movies and a format that is compact enough to be easy to use and transport.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it 4

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 includes four different modes to manage color on the screen

In addition, the resolution of the panel is in Full HD of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which gives us a good level of detail both in the menus and in the game apps. Of course, we would have liked to see also in this team (as in the latest Huawei phones) the option to save battery by lowering the resolution of the terminal.

To manage the color treatment of the screen, we have four different modes:

- Adaptive Display . Automatically optimizes color gamut, saturation, or sharpness. Of course, it is warned that it may not be compatible with certain apps. With this mode we can customize the color balance that we like the most.

- AMOLED cinema

- AMOLED photo

- Basic 

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

View of the bottom frame of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Own operating system and applications

Android 6.0 Marshmallow as standard, quite light and slightly congested Touchwiz interface, Samsung Pay, Secure Folder, Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…) Game Launcher, Computer Maintenance

The operating system of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is Android 6.0 Marshmallow . This is one of the least strong points of the model, since it was to be expected that by now the team would have the latest Android 7.0 Nougat version . Of course, everything indicates that the update to the latest Google platform will arrive in the coming months.

One of the least advanced points of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is that it comes standard with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Be that as it may, this version allows you to enjoy most of the new features of Google icons. The fingerprint reader already works natively on this platform, so that we can take advantage of it for different apps (such as Samsung Pay itself). It also highlights in a special way the possibility of individually choosing the permissions that we want to accept when installing an app. Until now, it was necessary to accept all the permissions in bulk, a previous step that made many apps take too many freedoms with our phone.

main screen samsung galaxy a5 2017

As usual, the team arrives with the latest Touchwiz interface , the Korean company's own software layer. During the last few years, Samsung has worked hard to reduce the weight of this interface . Thanks to this, the performance of the system has accelerated considerably and the responsibility of installing (or not) various apps has been left to the user. The fruits of this effort are seen very clearly in the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 . The fluidity when moving between the different screens is remarkable and the loading time of apps and menus is very good. Thus, a great result has been achieved with a not so powerful processor.

We go on to review some of the most important apps that come by default with the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 :

Samsung Pay

samsung pay

We started the review with Samsung Pay . It is the tool that Samsung has created to make it easier for its users to pay via mobile. A feature that seems destined to become the norm in the near future. Although it is true that it is taking longer than expected to unfold due to the variety of available options and the confrontation of the different actors. Hopefully they will soon agree to accelerate the standardization of this technology.

In the case of Samsung Pay , the user's fingerprint is used as an identification and security method. Before making payments, we have to register our credit or debit card in the application. Then, we just have to move the phone closer to the compatible dataphone and the NFC technology (which works at a very short distance) does the rest. The main problem with this platform is that it still works with a fairly small number of banks in Spain. Specifically, with Caixabank, Imagin Bank, Abanca and Banco Sabadell.

Samsung Pay works with banks Caixabank, Imagin Bank, Abanca and Banco Sabadell

At the moment, Samsung Pay is not yet active for the Galaxy A5 2017, but it is clear that it will do so once it is officially released.

Device maintenance

device maintenanceIt is a tool that can go unnoticed at first. However, it becomes a crucial app for users who want to have a tighter control over their device.

The central axis of this app is the optimizer . In the foreground we have a score from one to one hundred that shows the status of the team. Just below we have a button that says “Optimize now”. During the process, applications are closed in the background, storage space for temporary files is freed, and application failures or excessively high battery usage is sought (Facebook or Instagram are eternal candidates for this position).

The main screen of this tool gives us access to specific options to manage the battery, internal storage, RAM and security of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

At the bottom of the screen are options to manage battery, storage, RAM, or security . What we like a lot is that in each of the icons we see relevant information for each field below. The time remaining on the battery, the free space in the storage and in the RAM and if the device is properly protected.

Battery use on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017In the battery section, we access a more complete panel to improve the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 . Here we find two different modes of energy saving (medium and maximum). We can also take a closer look at the use that different apps are making of the battery, and control which apps can run in the background.

The two energy saving modes of the mobile are Medium and Maximum. In the first case, we can extend the remaining time by around 20%, while with the maximum mode the autonomy is tripled

In the field of storage we have a complete manager for the different files on the computer, while the RAM memory gives us more information about the use that each application or game makes of this important resource. Finally, the Security section is one more barrier against viruses and Trojans that can infect the phone. Here we have an antivirus with which to analyze the memory in search of threats.

Always On screen

This interesting function comes directly from the leading mobile phones of the firm. An always-on screen that uses very little battery and shows us details such as the time, the notifications received (in small icons) or the latest calendar appointments. Excellent news for users who often look at the mobile screen to check the time.

Briefing (Flipboard)

It is not among our favorite apps in the Samsung ecosystem. Not so much for its own usefulness but for the fact that it appears by default every time we move between the main screens. This portal based on Flipboard shows us a selection of the most relevant news according to the tastes we have set . As an app we find it very interesting, but not so much the one that is “imposed” by default. The good news is that eliminating it in case we don't want it is very simple. Just click on the main screen (outside of an icon), drag your finger to the option on the left and uncheck the "Briefing" option.

Secure folder

Secure folder on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Screenshots from the secure folder on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

And we come to one of the star functions that Samsung has developed with more care in recent times. This is Secure Folder, based on Samsung KNOX. This app is used to keep both applications and files that we do not want other users to see  (something very interesting if we regularly share the phone with our children or another person). The content that is stored in this folder is protected by a PIN code or even by the fingerprint itself. In short, an additional layer of security that never hurts in these times.

Microsoft Applications

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it 5

From left to right, view of a document in Word and Excel on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

The collaboration between the Windows company and Samsung is still present in the Korean mobile phones. By getting this mobile we will be able to enjoy the main Office office tools. Specifically, we have the Word text editor, Excel spreadsheets, OneNote notes, and PowerPoint presentations . Personally, I think that Microsoft has done a very good job with these apps by dumping them to Android and it is a very interesting addition if we are used to working or correcting documents from the mobile. Two other apps that are included are OneDrive and Skype , although in this case they do not contribute much since they can be obtained for free at any time.

Game Launcher

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested it 6

Game Launcher game menu view in Asphalt 8: Airborne

We finished the review of the main Samsung own apps with Game Launcher. It is a menu that can be activated when playing and that leaves a small icon at one end of the screen. By clicking on it, we will have different options to improve the performance of the game and the general experience. For example, you can deactivate the alerts so that they do not bother us while we play, lock the screen so as not to leave the game by mistake or record our game .

samsung galaxy a5 2017 fingers

View of the USB C port and headphone slot

Full connections and good multimedia options

Download speed of up to 300 Mbps in 4G networks, WiFi AC, USB Type-C connector, Good options for sharing multimedia files and watching movies and photos on TV

The mobile of the Korean company has a complete set of connections at the height of the premium terminals, which are not bad for a team with a price of 430 euros .

Side of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

For example, the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 supports the WiFi AC protocol. This protocol gives the option of connecting to both the 2.4 GHz bandwidth and the 5 GHz bandwidth. The first of the widths is the one used by the vast majority of gadgets that swarm the world. However, it faces two main problems. On the one hand, it is a width that has not been thought to work at the same time with many devices . Specifically, you have a limit of eight devices connected at the same time. This is something that clashes head-on with the reality of many homes, in which there are more and more gadgets capable of connecting to the network. But in addition, it is a very congested width in which interference usually occurs.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 add-ons

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Accessories

The 5 GHz bandwidth is less congested and it has also been prepared so that many devices are connected at the same time in a WiFi network. Higher speeds and a more stable connection are also achieved , which is an advantage when we are playing online or watching a movie or series in streaming. The big but is that you need a router that is compatible, something that rules out old routers.

Regarding its connectivity in mobile networks, the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is compatible with LTE 4G CAT.6 networks. That means we can reach download speeds of up to 300 Mbps , versus 50 Mbps upload. Keep in mind that, in general (at least in Spain), with the operators we will never reach these speeds.

One of the main novelties in the field of connections is the USB Type-C port . It is a connection that is becoming more and more widespread. Thanks to it, transfer speeds are achieved twice as fast as normal USB 3.0. In addition, it has the advantage that it is reversible, so it is the same if it is connected in one direction or the other.

We have already talked before about NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity. Basically, it works similar to that of Bluetooth, but with two exceptions, it works at a very short distance (practically by touch) and is also more secure. In addition to payments, this technology is used to perform actions such as printing from your mobile, synchronizing wireless speakers with your mobile or transferring files with another compatible device.

Nor could it miss Bluetooth low voltage version 4.2 and GPS to be able to position ourselves anywhere on the map or navigate with apps such as Google Maps or Waze.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 in hand

One of the phones with the best battery on the market

More than 10,000 points in AnTuTu Tester test, fast charge

Last year we were already surprised by the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016. There was a danger that this year the company would neglect this section. Nothing is further from reality. The autonomy of this mobile is still one of the best within the current mid-range , and is even slightly higher than last year. In the tests we have carried out, we have managed to use the terminal with half the charge for a whole day. A guarantee for long trips and trips, in addition to freeing ourselves from the annoying need to plug in the equipment as soon as we see a free plug.

These impressions are reinforced when we pit the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 against AnTuTu Tester's test battery. This tool measures the endurance of the phone with a constant cycle of tasks such as web browsing, video playback and gaming. This is the result:

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Test Results

Autonomy results in AnTuTu Tester of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

This is a very high score, almost on the same level as last year's Huawei Mate 8. It is not, however, the mid-range mobile with greater autonomy, since ahead we have the odd surprise like the LG X Power, capable of exceeding 13,000 points . Without a doubt, it is excellent news (in my opinion) that many mid-range teams are ceasing to worry so much about making the mobile thinner and lighter and enhancing the field of the battery.

The company has also highlighted the fast charging function of the phone, although in our tests it has not seemed one of the strongest points of the terminal (approximately we have been able to charge half the battery in 40 minutes ). Be that as it may, the good autonomy of the equipment makes it not a crucial point as it is in other models with less capacity.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 side

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has fast charging

Multimedia and audio functions

Share files with other devices, View videos or images on the Samsung Smart TV with a few taps, FM Radio, Quality audio

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, we have tested 7Another point that the Korean company has worked on is its multimedia functions. Specifically, when bringing images and videos to the TV and when sharing files with other devices. In both cases, the process has been made simpler and more agile, something that has been needed for a long time. On a personal note, until now this function seemed much more successful in Sony Xperia equipment than in its rivals. But now Samsung has taken a giant step forward.

The two options appear when we want to share a file such as a video or a photo. Of course, there is still some limitation when carrying out these functions. For example, the Smart View mode for transferring multimedia content to TV is intended for use with a Samsung Smart TV. In the case of transferring files, the simplest thing is also to have another Samsung smartphone or tablet that is prepared with this function. However, you can also pull the Bluetooth or WiFi Direct, which increases the possible alternatives.

Good news for fans of the airwaves: the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 maintains the functionality of the FM radio despite the general trend

And what about FM radio? The good news is that lovers of the airwaves will be able to continue listening to their favorite stations by connecting the headphones to the mobile (to function as an antenna). This function has been gradually disappearing from almost all high-end mobiles and some mid-range ones. So it is appreciated that Samsung has decided to keep it in the Galaxy A5 2017.

We end this multimedia review with the audio section. Samsung has done an excellent job on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. We really liked the power of the small speaker on the right side. In addition, contrary to what usually happens when the audio is maximized, the distortion is not very noticeable. It is true that we are not at the level of a ZTE Axon 7 with its Dolby Atmos speakers, but we would dare to say that this model is on the level or ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in this field.

5 keys to David Readman's Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Price and reviews

Price 430 euros, launch on February 3, waterproof design, 16 megapixel selfie camera, battery for two days of use

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 will hit stores on February 3 at an official price of 430 euros . It can already be found in stores such as Amazon or through the official Samsung website.

In short, we are facing a model with an excellent ratio of characteristics to become one of the great protagonists of the mid-range in 2017. The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has been remodeled so that its design is waterproof, but without forgetting the excellent battery from last year. Two days of average use is a hard-to-miss attraction. Its photographic set also stands out, with a camera for selfies that has taken a real leap over previous versions with its 16 megapixel resolution and f / 1.9 aperture. 

In addition, the Touchwiz interface is now lighter and the fluidity in the menus and the screens is constant. Speaking of screens, the use of a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED panel and Full HD resolution ensures a very good viewing experience. In the part of pending accounts, the fact that we have opted for Android 6, instead of the latest available version of the Google system, has fallen short. We would also have liked for an image stabilizer in the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

All in all, a very complete proposal that will become the reference mobile for users who do not want to pay 700 euros upwards on a mobile but do want a very complete technical set and the guarantee of a consolidated brand like Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

ModelSamsung Galaxy A5 from 2017


Size5.2 inch
ResolutionFull HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Density424 dots per inch
TechnologySuper AMOLED
Protection2.5D Gorilla Glass 4


Dimensions146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 mm
Weight159 grams
materialsMetal structure on the sides and 3D glass on both the front and the back
ColorsBlack / Gold / Blue / Pink
WaterproofYes, IP68 protection
Fingerprint readerYes, on the on / off button


Resolution16 megapixels
FlashYes, LED Flash
VideoFull HD video recording
Sensor and modesHDR mode

Night mode

Panoramic mode

Quick Camera Mode

Food Mode

Animated GIF mode (downloaded)

Sports mode (downloaded)

Numerous filters

Openingf / 1.9
Image stabilizationNot
ISOISO-100, ISO-200, ISO-400, ISO-800
Front camera16 megapixel resolution

Full HD video recording

Selfie mode

Panoramic Selfie Mode

Animated GIF mode

Night mode

Beauty filter

OthersFloating button to take photos


CPU processorOcta-core 1.9GHz processor per core
Graphics processor (GPU)Mali T-820
RAM3 GigaBytes
Power testsAnTuTu: 60,722 points

Geekbench: 3,967 points


FormatsAudio Playback Formats: MP3, AAC LC / AAC + / eAAC +, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, WMA, FLAC, Vorbis, Opus

Video Playback Formats: MPEG4, H.265 (HEVC), H.264 (AVC), H.263, VC-1, MP43, WMV7, WMV8, VP8, VP9

RadioFM Radio
SoundSpeaker on the right side
FeaturesTransfer files, view multimedia files on Smart TV


Operating systemAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
Extra applicationsSamsung Pay, Samsung KNOX, S-Voice


Internal memory32 GigaBytes
ExtensionYes, with MicroSD card up to 256 GigaBytes

Online storage systems (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive)


Mobile NetworkLTE Cat.6 (up to 300 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload)
WifiWi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
GPS locationGPS
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
ConnectorUSB Type C
Audio3.5 mm minijack


OthersAllows you to create WiFi zones, WiFi Direct


Capacity3,000 mAh
Standby duration-
Duration in use16 hours of browsing in 4G

18 hours of surfing on WiFi

19 hours of video playback

AnTutu Tester tests10,722 points

+ info

Release dateFebruary 3rd
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price: 430 euros  

samsung galaxy a5 2017 final

Front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Strengths of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Very good battery 

Good gaming performance

It is resistant to water and dust (IP67)

Your camera sensors are bright

The quality of your screen

A very powerful selfie camera


It could get better…

It does not come standard with the latest version of Android

Their cameras don't have optical image stabilization