Yamaha R-N402D, a stereo receiver with the latest technology

The Japanese brand Yamaha fulfills the new R-N402D receiver with the desire of many fans: to be able to access the latest music reproduction technologies, not only with traditional sources ( turntables , CD player , radio , etc.) but with the possibility to play music files stored on a USB memory , or shared on a network , or sent from a mobile phone, or to connect to the thousands of radio stations on the Internet, even an online music service like Spotify . And all for a recommended price of 479 euros.


The Yamaha R-N402D offers all this, which until recently was the privilege only of receiver-amplifiers dedicated to Home Cinema , in an elegant amplifier (which, due to its reproduction possibilities we call it a “ receiver ”) that follows the line the other components of the Hi-Fi line of the brand whose logo are, precisely, two tuning forks . Thus, its width is the usual (435 mm) combined with a front 141 mm high and a depth of only 340 mm. This stereo amplifier is capable of delivering power in excess of 100 Won each of its two channels, and its power supply is robust enough that if we connect difficult-to-move speakers, it can handle them: up to 180 W for loads as low as 2 Ohms , a lower resistance than for many rival amplifiers it would be interpreted as a short circuit . This Yamaha can handle it and, in return, when idle it will consume as little as 0.1W.

The connectivity is very complete: four analog line inputs (including a dedicated “ CD ”), two standard digital inputs (one coaxial and one optical), another front USB digital input for sound files of practically any format, and the input of Ethernet network in addition to the antenna for FM / AM radio and other WiFi . The radio receiver not only receives traditional airwaves but is also compatible with DAB and DAB + services for those areas that have coverage. As for the output, it offers double speaker terminals , in case we want to connect two pairs and sound two rooms in this way.


The compatibility of network playback is universal : to start is DLNA 1.5 so that almost any device can connect to it and can control it with any of the many standard applications DLNA available for mobile, tablet and computer. In addition and of course it is compatible with Yamaha's own protocol , MusiCast , for playback and multi-room functions . But it is also with AirPlay for iOS devices , we can also send you music via Bluetooth, and we can access music online through Spotify , among others.

Regarding the reproduction of files , either directly ( USB ) or through the network , it is enough for high resolution music since its DAC chip is capable of converting signals in PCM format up to 24 bit and 192 kHz , and also in DSD format to 5'6MHz , all natively so as not to lose quality.

The elegant front , which follows the classic Yamaha line , hides advanced functions: not only the aforementioned digital playback, but also tone controls (treble and bass), as well as a special “ loudness ” that modifies its performance depending on the volume ( thus protecting the speakers as well as our ears). Of course everything is controllable via the included remote control .