Complete list of Hotmail keyboard shortcuts Outlook via the web

 Complete list of Hotmail keyboard shortcuts Outlook via the web

Writing emails can be a somewhat arduous and tiring task, especially when there are many recipients, or the number of them, or combine your writing with the display of calendars, contacts ... A very simple and efficient way to have full control in your fingers when we write emails is through keyboard shortcuts.

What are keyboard shortcuts? Well, a combination of two or more keys that, pressed simultaneously, offer us different functions and services related to the program we are running. In this case, we are going to tell you all the shortcuts that you can have while using Microsoft's email service, Hotmail Outlook.

Shortcuts for writing emails

A series of practical shortcuts related to the main function of Outlook, the creation of emails . From creating an email to deleting it, just using the keyboard for all possible functions.

  • Create an email Ctrl + N / N
  • Send an email Ctrl + Enter / Alt + S
  • Reply to an email R / Ctrl + R
  • Reply to all in an email Shift ´ + R / Ctrl + Shift + R
  • Forward an email Shift + F / Ctrl + Shift + F
  • Save draft Ctrl + S
  • Discard draft Esc
  • Insert a hyperlink Ctrl + K

Shortcuts for emailing list

Indispensable if you have created an email list to promote your company or business.

  • Select all messages Ctrl + A
  • Delete all Esc messages

Shortcuts for reading email

When reading an email, there is nothing faster and easier than using keyboard shortcuts . We teach you, among other things, how to open and close a specific email.

  • Open an email O / Enter
  • Close an email Esc
  • Open the next element Ctrl +.
  • Open the previous item Ctrl +,

Shortcuts to go to

While we create emails, we may need to go to our calendar, the contacts we have in our agenda, etc. A very fast and simple way is to execute these different keyboard shortcuts very easy to use on the keyboard.

  • Go to Mail Ctrl + Shift + 1
  • Go to Calendar Ctrl + Shift + 2
  • Go to Contacts Ctrl + Shift + 3
  • Go to Tasks Ctrl + Shift + 4
  • Go to Inbox G then I
  • Go to Drafts G and then D
  • Go to Sent G and then S
  • Search email Alt + Q
  • Show help Shift + /

Shortcuts for email actions

In this last batch of shortcuts for Hotmail Outlook we are going to show you different actions that you can execute with the sole help of the keyboard. To the already known undo (Ctrl + Z, an office automation classic) we add some useful actions such as marking an email as read (without having to open it), creating a new folder, archiving or marking a certain email as spam. mail.

  • Undo to last action Ctrl + Z
  • Delete an email From
  • Permanently delete an email Shift + Del
  • Create a new folder Shift + E
  • Mark an email as read Q / Ctrl + Q
  • Mark an email as unread U / Ctrl + U
  • Mark an Email Ins
  • File E
  • Mark an email as spam (Spam) J

These are all the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Hotmail Outlook . From now on, the use of this email manager will not be a secret for you.