Devolo Magic 2 WiFi, we tested this PLC adapter with WiFi Mesh

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi, we have tested it

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The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi is a Mesh WiFi solution designed to bring the Internet signal to any part of your home or office . It offers a combined speed of up to 2400 Mbps using electrical wiring. In addition, each adapter is equipped with two Ethernet outputs so that we can connect the most important devices by cable. All this with a very simple initial configuration and with a system that we can control via mobile using an application.

I have had the opportunity to test the Network Kit for a few days , consisting of a MAGIC 2 LAN adapter and two MAGIC 2 WiFi adapters . The price of this kit is 300 euros, but we can buy the Starter Kit for 200 euros. If you want to know how these adapters work, don't miss this analysis.

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi datasheet

Type of devicePLC + WiFi
SpeedUp to 2400 Mbps (WiFi), 1000 Mbps (cable)
PortsDual Gigabit LAN connection on each adapter
Integrated power socketYes, on all adapters
Network cables includedYes, a Cat.5e network cable
softwaredevolo Cockpit (PC and Mac) and devolo Home Network (Android and iOS)
OthersWiFi Mesh

Secure connection: Powerline 128 Bit AES and WiFi with WPA2

Airtime Fairness

Release dateAvailable
Price130 euros (Individual)

200 euros (Starter Kit)

300 euros (Network Kit)

Large and plug-in adapters

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi buttons

Let's first see what the adapters included in the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi look like on the outside. Each adapter is 6 inches long , so they are slightly larger than other similar adapters. They are made of white plastic, thus going a little more unnoticed.

Each adapter has a power socket on its front . This is ideal so as not to have to lose the plug where we place the adapter. To this socket we can connect any other device and even a strip with several plugs, there is no problem. Of course, we cannot connect the PLC adapters to a strip. It will always have to be straight to the wall.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi ethernet

At the end of the adapter we have two small buttons for network synchronization. And at the bottom we have two Gigabit Ethernet connectors , which will allow us to connect the most important devices via cable.

In my case I have tried the Network Kit, consisting of a MAGIC 2 LAN adapter and two MAGIC 2 WiFi adapters. My house is about 110 square meters, so with this kit I have been able to bring the WiFi throughout the house without problems . I've had maximum coverage from the room where the router is to the kitchen at the other end of the house. Even at the far end of the terrace from the router.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi coverage

According to data provided by Devolo, the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi adapters have a wireless range of 300 meters . This amounts to 500 meters if we use the cable connection. This should be sufficient for the vast majority of households. And if not, it is always possible to add individual units to the system to expand WiFi coverage.

Start up

Getting the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi up and running couldn't be easier. The first thing to do is connect the two Devolo Magic WiFi adapters and wait for them to synchronize . We will know they have already done so when the headlight turns from red to white.

The second step is to connect the Devolo Magic LAN adapter to the socket and to the router with the LAN cable included in the kit. This will be the only adapter that will be directly connected to the router.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi white light

When we connect the three adapters, the encryption will start automatically . All LEDs will start flashing white for about 3 minutes. Once completed, all LEDs are solid white, which means that the devices are now operational.

Once synced, the basic installation is complete. However, the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi allows us to create a network that uses Mesh technology and have a very strong wireless signal throughout the house.

To make this configuration we will have to connect one of the Devolo Magic WiFi adapters to a wall socket near the router (maximum 10 meters). When the LED turns white, we will press the button on the adapter and then the WPS button on our router . When the adapter LED lights solid white, we will have the connection made.

WiFi control through the app

Now that we have the connection of the adapters made, we can access the mobile application to see the network and configure some options.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi connection scheme

The three adapters of the Delovo Magic 2 WiFi working

I have personally used the Android application. It is a fairly complete app and gives us access to most of the options on the web . The first thing we see, as you can see in the image above, is a connection diagram. Here we can check that all the adapters are working properly.

If we click on any of them, the application shows the configuration. However, it is not the same for LAN adapter as it is for WiFi adapters.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi overview, PLC, LAN

By clicking on the LAN adapter we will see the network configuration. A first screen gives us an overview of the network, such as the gateway, MAC addresses of the adapters, transmitted data, etc.

In the menu on the left , a differentiation is made between the PLC options and the LAN options . In the PLC we can pair new adapters and see the ones currently connected. On the other hand, the LAN option shows us network data, such as IP addresses and gateway. If we want we can configure this data manually.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi System and Reset

Finally, we have two more menus: System and Reset . From the first we can from activating energy saving to updating the firmware of the adapters. And from the second, as you can imagine, return everything to its factory state.

When clicking on one of the Devolo WiFi adapters, the first thing we will see is an overview of the device status (WiFi networks, PLC status and data on the LAN).

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi WiFi options

In the upper left we have an icon (three horizontal bars) with which we can display the options menu. From here we can access WiFi, Powerline, LAN and System . And each of them, in turn, unfolds into more options. So, as you can see, the application is very complete.

Within the WiFi option we have seven other subsections: Status, WiFi Networks, Guest Network, Smart WiFi, Time Control, WPS, Neighboring Networks .

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi guests

From the option "WiFi Networks" we can configure our wireless network. The app allows us to change the SSID (name of the network), the channel used and the password.

The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi also offers us the possibility of creating a “Guest Network” . If we activate it, we can configure the frequency band, the name of the network and its password.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Smart WiFi

Under the Smart WiFi menu we find two interesting options. On the one hand, the one with the same name, which allows us to optimize the network through various technologies included in the devices.

We also see the option " WiFi Clone ", which allows us to automatically access the access data of another WiFi access point. For this, the WPS button is used.

As for time control, it will be really good for us if we have small (or not so young) children at home and we want to restrict the use of the Internet.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi neighboring networks

Finally, from WPS we can launch the WPS configuration to include the device in the WiFi network of our router. And in " Neighboring networks " we can check the networks around us and see which channels they are working on. This will allow us to know which channels not to use so that the connection is not saturated.

They also function as a PLC

Although the WiFi part has a great weight, we must not forget that with the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi we also have very powerful PLC adapters .

The Powerline part of the system does not allow to make too many modifications, but we can see something in the application. For example, we can interrupt or establish the PLC connection .

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi PLC

We can also set a password or change the performance profile . Actually, these are advanced options that it is better not to touch if we are not experts.

The LAN option allows us to see data from the devices that we have connected by cable to the adapter. For example, we can see if the Ethernet connection is running at 1000 or 100 Mbps .

The last option we see in the menu is System. Here it only offers us some control data, such as knowing if the LEDs or buttons are working correctly.

General options

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi options

We have seen the options that the application gives us to configure each of the adapters. But we also have some general options.

For example, we can change the name of the adapters to better locate them on the network. We can also connect the adapters to another WiFi network . This will be useful if we ever change the network of our router.

Finally, the application gives us access to some Support pages and Legal Information.

Conclusions and price

PLC adapters with WiFi like the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi can be a very good solution to extend our Internet network throughout the house . They allow us to do it both by cable and by WiFi and simply using the electrical network.

we have tested Devolo Magic 2 WiFi final

I do not have a giant house, but I have been able to verify that the use of these adapters has allowed me to take the WiFi network to points that my router alone cannot reach .

As for speed, I have done several tests. For browsing and streaming through platforms like Netflix I have had no problem. However, 1Gbit / s WiFi performance has not been possible . But the truth is that no other WiFi device that I have tried has managed to do it.

The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi is for sale in three different models. The unique device is sold with a price of 130 euros . The Starter Kit , consisting of two adapters, is on sale at a price of 200 euros . And the one that I have tried, Network Kit , we can get it at a price of 300 euros . Here we put a direct link from Amazon