How to Customize Snakes Food from food

There is nothing better than changes and news to continue enjoying the games we like the most. And it is that these new elements are the necessary incentive for many to take up old mechanics or dust off games that they thought were forgotten. Something that the creators of the SlitherX mod know well, caring even more about the game than the creators of the original themselves. A modification or hack that has some additions to the snakes' title, such as the ability to customize the game's food.

This is a simple modification of one of the most basic aspects of the game. The food is the reason why growing snakes and order and cape, the raw material pursuing all players. Why not change your shape and enjoy a new game in appearance ? These are the steps you must follow to achieve it. food

  1. The first thing is to install this modification . It is a mere extension of the Google Chrome browser , so the process is completely safe and simple. The first thing is to access the add-on store of the aforementioned Internet browser and search for it by name: SlitherX .
  2. After clicking on the add to Chrome button , the bar of this browser is updated with the characteristic SlitherX icon on the right side. With this it is possible to access the game quickly, automatically opening a new tab with the title ready to play.
  3. A menu with different customization options now appears on the right side of the tab . These are the SlitherX add - ons . To tweak the food aspect of the game, click on Custom Edibles . food

  1. Here we find two options. On the one hand, there is Food Shapes , which is responsible for reshaping the shape of the normal food balls in the game. Its drop-down has a good number of options that go from the euro symbol, to marijuana leaves, to stars or musical notes. The other option, Firefly Shapes , refers to food balls that fly through the mapping and offer more value than normal food. These balls can also be modified through the drop-down, choosing a good selection of shapes to give the title a new touch.
  2. With this already configured, it only remains to start the game and enjoy the game as always with a new look. Something that will not radically change the scheme or the sensations, but that is a most interesting addition to give a different air to the original title. food

As some of you may already know, SlitherX is a tool that tweaks some details and functionalities of . Modify them to be able to customize them or to add something new that many users request. Of course, it is an unofficial hack , and it has little or nothing to do with the creator of the title. However, the passion that has raised in many players has resulted in the fact that, if the person in charge of improving and updating the title does not do it by their own hands, others carry out their work using these tools.