How to send GIF by WhatsApp with the Android keyboard

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A few months ago, WhatsApp was updated with support for GIFs on all devices. These animated images that are now so fashionable are for many an essential in their day to day. They send them constantly, at all hours. Accessing WhatsApp GIFs is more than simple . But if we have the new Google keyboard, and we always use its emojis, there is an option to send GIFs directly from there. We tell you how.

The first thing we have to do is download the Google keyboard if we do not have it. Typically it comes pre-installed on many devices. But if the one we have is from another manufacturer, we can download it from the Play Store by searching for Gboard. Once downloaded, we install it and apply it so that it will be there by default. To do this, we move the notification panel and go to the notification that says ”˜Select input method” ™. We choose Gboard.

Keyboard installed, How do I send the GIF?


Now you just need to enter a WhatsApp conversation and send a GIF. To do this, click on the write message box, go to the emoji key and click where it says GIF, in the center . We can also do it through the G of google and search GIF. A thumbnail of the most recent GIFs on the Giphy portal will appear.

Once inside, all available GIFs will appear, we can search for them by categories or by words. Also, we can preview the GIF before sending it. What is the difference between sending them with the Android keyboard and the WhatsApp GIF drawer? On the keyboard we can search the GIFs by categories and by words, while in WhatsApp we can only search by words. In addition, we can see them on the Android keyboard before sending them, which we cannot in the WhatsApp Gifs drawer.