TP-Link M7200, portable router to have WiFi anywhere

TP-Link M7200, portable router to have WiFi anywhere

We need the Internet anywhere. On the laptop, on the tablet, on the mobile, both at home and abroad. Precisely, today's mobiles incorporate a very useful function to share the Internet connection with other devices. But this solution is not always the best. The battery drains quickly and data usage can skyrocket. In these cases, there is an interesting alternative from TP-Link. The M7200 is a MiFi router that connects via a SIM card and can provide Internet to up to 10 devices simultaneously.

In addition, it has a usage time of up to 8 hours , a whole work day. And all this with the advantage of being able to manage the data that is being used and the connected devices through an app for Android or iPhone. Undoubtedly, a useful tool for users who want to enjoy the Internet on all kinds of gadgets both on vacation and on business trips. The TP-Link M72000 is available in stores. We have found it in stores like Amazon for a price of 80 euros . We tell you our impressions and the main features of this MiFi router.

TP-Link M7200 datasheet

Networking4G: FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20 (2100/1800/2600/900 / 800MHz)

TDD-LTE B38 / B40 / B41 (2600/2300 / 2500MHz)

3G: DC-HSPA + / HSPA + / HSPA / UMTS B1 / B8 (2100 / 900MHz)

SpeedsDownload speed max. 150 Mbps

Upload speed max. 50 Mbps

Limit of connected devicesUp to 10 connected devices
ControlThrough a dedicated app

Through the browser

BatteryUp to 8 hours of use
LED indicatorsWi-Fi status, Internet connection status, Battery status
Operating systemWindows 10 Home
SecuritySupports WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK, Wireless MAC Filtering
Design54 grams of weight

Measures 94 × 56.7 × 19.8 millimeters

ColorsDark gray
Release dateAvailable
PriceApproximately 80 euros

Pocket internet

tp-link m7200 hand box to the bottom

The TP-Link M7200 is very light and fits perfectly in any pocket

Without a doubt, one of the main keys of the TP-Link M7200 is its pocket size. It is so compact that it fits easily in any pants, bag or backpack. And all this with a weight of just 50 grams . An almost imperceptible weight that is not annoying when taking it with you on trips or trips. It is a very easy to use device. On a physical level, we barely have a button to turn the computer on and off, which is located at the bottom of the gadget. When it is on it lights up so we can know it is working.

On the other hand, in the part of the small screen that incorporates in the upper area, there are three luminous LED indicators . We have found it difficult to reflect it clearly in the photos, although it can be seen without problems in normal use. Of course, when a light source hits it, it is more difficult to see them. The first LED is the battery indicator, which allows us to see the equipment's battery charge status. It is divided into three bars.

The second of the LEDs is the one that marks if the router has network coverage. Finally, the third LED is activated when there is one or more devices connected to the MiFi router.

TP-Link M7200, portable router to have WiFi anywhere 1

The TP-Link M7200 has three LED indicators to measure the battery status or its activity

Everything is controlled via mobile

The TP-Link M7200 is not understood without access through the mobile. The company has deployed an app for both Android and iPhone that is in charge of configuring the router and measuring different parameters of use. In addition, from here you can see the devices connected to the MiFi and block those devices that we do not want to connect to our network. That is, the mobile is vital to use the router. Something that should not be a handicap since the vast majority of us have one of these smartphones. But if it is true that you can miss a greater independence of the router with respect to the mobile. And we also have access through the browser, but this tool is very much oriented to take advantage of it through the smartphone.

That being said, the control app for the TP-Link M7200 is very complete and quite intuitive. The process of configuring the WiFi network of this router is simple and we can choose the password for it. As expected, we can choose our own password. From the main screen you know the amount of data that has been shared through the router and the number of devices that are connected to the network at any time . In addition, there is a very useful option to block those devices that have been able to sneak into our WiFi.

Another aspect that can be seen at a first glance is the status of the router's battery.

But perhaps the newest function regarding sharing the WiFi directly from the mobile is the option to share the files of an SD card that we have connected to the MiFi router. Once we have it connected, we can access it through the TP-Link app and download the chosen files to any of the devices that have been connected to the network. Without a doubt, a simple and interesting way to share photos, movies, documents, music ... Especially if we have a mobile that no longer has an SD card slot, something that happens more and more in the mobile universe. We also have the option of accessing the files via USB, but this is a more typical function.

TP-Link M7200, portable router to have WiFi anywhere 2

TP-Link MiFi Router's battery allows up to 10 hours of use

Speeds and battery

The TP-Link M7200 MiFi router is compatible with most 4G networks used throughout the planet. Obviously, in Spain we will not have any problem accessing this connection speed. Of course, keep in mind that the router has a maximum download speed limit of 150 Mbps and upload speed of 50 Mbps . In principle, the same limits with which we navigate today with the mobile in the Spanish territory. Some operators offer higher theoretical speeds, but in practice it is not usual for these figures to be passed. Of course, we must also take into account that this means that we will not be able to take advantage of the next increases in 4G speed that operators will deploy, and for which, for example, many high-end mobiles are already prepared.

This gadget is capable of managing up to 10 gadgets connected at the same time . Here it is possible to miss that this router was compatible with WiFi AC, not so much for a matter of speed as to take advantage of the fact that the 5 GHz bandwidth is less congested and thus a more stable connection is achieved.

According to official TP-Link data, this router is able to last up to 8 hours in operation before draining its battery. Without a doubt, a very interesting time to withstand the pull on longer trips and trips. And this is one of the great advantages over using the mobile WiFi point, since the smartphone drains the battery very quickly when the function is activated.


The TP-Link M7200 can give WiFi up to 10 devices at the same time

Price and reviews

The MiFi TP-Link M7200 can be found in stores for an approximate price of 80 euros. In short, this is a gadget that is very useful in specific cases, such as if you usually work with laptops and tablets on trips and trips. The alternative of sharing mobile data is agile but has the great disadvantage that it quickly drains our mobile battery. The TP-Link M7200 is capable of withstanding up to 8 hours of continuous use and is controlled very comfortably through an app.