How to make a Facebook post from a comment

facebook convert comment to post

The changes keep happening on Facebook. And it is that the social network knows well that it cannot rest on its laurels with the arrival of new applications and social environments. For this reason, it has attended a trend that has been growing for some time: having more important and interesting comments than the original publications that gave them meaning. Something that can be seen on humor pages, where the photos that are shared in the comments tend to generate more debate and be more fun. Well, it is now possible to give these comments the importance they deserve.

All you have to do is republish them . In this way they become regular publications. As if they were the origin of another debate. A focus of attention that appears on the latest news wall of all followers, instead of being lost with the rest of the comments of another publication. Again, a quality that will be used, above all, by those who manage profile pages with many and varied comments. Of course, the function is already active for everyone.

facebook notification

How to do it

Facebook has already activated the feature for all users. And, in fact, it has notified all of them through its web version with a blue message. It indicates that comments can now be shared directly on the wall. That is, they can be transformed into a publication.

Therefore, what you have to do is click on the new Share option . Just like one more post, even if it's a comment. In this way the window for writing a new publication appears again. Here it is possible to write a text to accompany or contextualize the accompanying publication.

facebook share comment

As in the rest of the publications, the user can also add other people from the lower left corner of this window, to make it clear that they are accompanied by someone. Or indicate your state of mind. Of course, privacy is present, being able to limit the number of friends who see this republished comment. On Facebook, they have not forgotten the option to mention someone directly in the text to get a notification. Or even send the comment directly to a friend's wall just by mentioning it in the To section.

With all this, you only have to click on the publish button. In this way, what was originally a simple comment, is now published as if it were just another original story. Something really useful to give visibility to little pearls of genius that, otherwise, would go unnoticed.

Also from mobile

The comment sharing feature has also reached the mobile version. Both Android and iOS users who have the updated Facebook application can create posts from comments.

The process is exactly the same. Just find a comment and click on the new Share function . This activates the drafting window to complete the process before clicking on the Publish button.


A point to keep in mind

Now, publicizing a comment is not only useful. It also serves to make references. And it is that the resulting publication is not isolated. It shows what its origin is, where it comes from . In this way, on the comment, you can click on the original publication to see where it came from, or even see who published it. Something that will avoid plagiarism and decontextualization.