How to get all your music to Google Play Music

Google Play Music

More and more of us, if not the majority, listen to our music on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets . And more and more households have more than one of these devices, as well as audio players with  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with which no cables are needed for connections. Thus, when it comes to enjoying our music in this highly connected environment, it is essential to be able to have our entire disco on any device and anywhere, and that is where the Google Play Music service comes into play .

There are a wide variety of services capable of providing us with access to our music through a network connection. Some, like Spotify , offer an immense online catalog of songs completely free, in exchange for inserting ads between songs or for a limited playback time. If we also want to listen to the music from the mobile and without having to endure announcements by singers that have nothing to do with what we are listening to and that are broadcast at a much higher volume than the music, we will have to pay a fee of approximately five euros a month. However, these services do not offer much less all the music on the planet, and you do not have to be a great music lover to discover it. For example, the official discography of world-famous artists like The Beatles or AC / DC is not available on Spotify .

Google Play Music

Thus, a highly recommended option for those of us who like to have our music collection always at hand is Google Play Music . This service, in addition to being free, allows us to upload our music to the cloud, with a limit of 20,000 songs , in a fairly acceptable quality and being accessible from a computer or from Android or iOS devices . In addition, we can incorporate any audio file into the catalog regardless of its origin, whether they are songs or albums from our CD collection, or music that we have downloaded from the Internet, paying or - ahem - free.

To upload the music to Google Play Music we will first need to have a Google account . Once we have this solved, we will access the service's website, with our user, and select the option " Add Music ". If we use the Google Chrome browser, we will surely be able to drag the files or folders over the blank area of ​​the window that will appear on the screen. Google will then check that the songs we want to upload do not already exist in its database, and it will only add the ones it does not have available.

If we use another browser, such as Firefox or Safari , when selecting the option " Add Music " Play Music will ask us to download the Music Manager software . This program will look for the music we have on the computer and will ask us if we want to add it to the online catalog. Music Manager is designed to synchronize our music library once we have started it, but if we only want to upload some songs or discs, we can access the settings in the " Upload " tab and change the source folder of our music or we can also go to the tab " Advanced”To cancel the option to sync our music folder automatically.

Once we have our music in the cloud, we can listen to it from the computer, or from the mobile or tablet . The mobile application allows us to access the songs online or download them to the phone memory to be able to enjoy them without paying for data. Finally, and continuing with the idea of ​​not consuming data, the Play Music player has the option " Only downloaded " that will allow us to access only the songs that we have in the internal memory. We hope this information is useful to you.