The Airplane of the Future, this is how airplanes will be in 2050

"Welcome aboard. This is the captain of the plane of the future speaking to you ” Gentlemen passengers. Today we are traveling aboard this Airbus flight . A design that could become a reality very soon.

In the cabin, the views are spectacular. And the fact is that the roof is transparent , the seats rotate … On this plane we want you to enjoy luxurious panoramic views. With incredible landscapes from a bird's eye view.

But, be careful, here everything is personalized . The deck also has separate panels that each can be darkened or brightened as desired.

The seats are fully ergonomic . They adapt to each person. In addition, they carry sensors to monitor the health of passengers. As a bonus, each seat comes with a virtual screen . So everyone can put whatever they want. Information about the flight, a movie, a video game ”¦

future plane

During the trip, AND THIS IS SOMETHING NEVER SEEN, we will be able to stretch our legs. And there is a Transformer-style entertainment area. At 5 it turns into a bar . At 5:30 on a virtual golf course with holographic displays . Afterwards, we can set up a work meeting or even a conference room . Yes. At 6.30, the bar reopens . And it is that, you already know. Where there is a Spaniard, there is a bar.

Another point in favor of this aircraft of the future is that, while we fly, we can use the mobile phone , the tablet and any electronic invention . Okay. We are already beginning to see this in current aircraft. Some companies are even starting to offer WiFi during the flight.

But, to finish with this aircraft of the future , a design point. It is aerodynamic and full of curves ”¦ The creators of Airbus have imagined it, a bit, in the shape of a bird. The idea is to put a curve in the tail of the plane. This way they will be able to turn off that constant and annoying hum of the engines to the maximum. And it is that, in the future, the flights will be fast, but also, comfortable, functional and entertaining.