How to get free magazines on Android with Play Newsstand

How to get free magazines on Android with Play Newsstand

Magazines have not gone out of style: reading them on paper has gone out of style. Although many nostalgic people still cling to the smell of ink and cellulose, many of us have already chosen to consume them through tablets and mobiles , whose screens can be adjusted to read without leaving our eyes. The only drawback, still, is that there are publications in which the price of the digital magazine differs little from that of the kiosk sale.

In addition, many times, we do not dare to buy a digital magazine because we do not know if we will like the result. That is why it would be great if we were given the opportunity to enjoy free copies , to see and test.

Try magazines for free on Android

Surely you have installed, by system, the Play Kiosco application on your Android terminal. This is where we are going to get the free magazines. This application is a kind of remodel of the old "News and weather". If we go to the Play Store app, we can also access the Kiosk.

  • We open Play Store, go to the side menu and look for 'Kiosk'.
  • Here we can navigate between the top of the most popular magazines, news, news and categories. In the search engine we can write the magazine that we want to enjoy for free. For example, a well-known men's publication. We see that the magazine allows us to have 7 days of trial  including, of course, the current issue.
men's magazine trial days

In Play Newsstand we can get free magazines

  • To download the number, we just have to click on 'Read' and, automatically, the full-screen view will begin and it will download completely. To turn the page we just have to slide your finger to the side. If we want to go from the full screen, we press the back button.
  • If you want to cancel the update and thus avoid being charged € 4 at the end of the subscription (that is, in 10 days in this case) we go back to the screen where we subscribe to the magazine and click on 'Manage subscriptions'. Here we click 'Cancel' and that's it: we already have our free number. And so with loads of more magazines.
  • To search the magazine you can also do it, directly, in the Play Store.

Tip: if you want to enjoy more than one copy, look at the days that they give you a trial. In the previous one, for example, there were 7. If you want two copies, subscribe at the end of the month : this way you ensure the issue of the current month and the next.

That's how easy it is to get free magazines on Android . What are you waiting for to get yours?