Garmin Drive 61 and DriveSmart 61, GPS with screen up to 7 inches

Garmin Drive 61 and DriveSmart 61, GPS with screen up to 7 inches

Garmin has become in recent years one of the benchmarks when it comes to offering GPS navigators combining quality, connectivity and a good price. Now it presents us with a new line of six and seven-inch devices, the Garmin Drive 61 and DriveSmart 61 . Let's take a look at both, to see what they offer again.

Garmin Drive 61

garmin drive 61

This 6-inch-size model has a frameless design to make the most of the image. Includes lifetime map updates and a sync with TripAdvisor so you can find places to eat.

In addition, by having WiFi connectivity, it can be updated at any time (if your car also has WiFi, of course). Its advanced satellite system will warn us of dangerous curves, upcoming traffic jams and level crossings. In addition, with its “live parking” function , we will be able to know the closest parking areas and the prices of the parkings in the surroundings.

Connectivity is important on the new Garmin Drives. For this reason, this 61 model has LiveTrack technology, which allows you to share the location with friends or family directly from the GPS, without removing the mobile. And if we want to use the mobile, with Garmin Smartphone Link we will have guaranteed compatibility, being able to receive traffic warnings or route change directions directly on the phone.

Garmin DriveSmart 61

garmin drivesmart 61

This model is a leap in quality and size compared to the Drive 61. With 7 inches on a touch screen without frames. In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, in the DriveSmart 61 we have the possibility of receiving messages and emails directly in the browser . Through a notification system, we will be aware of what is happening without having to use the phone.

In addition, the Garmin DriveSmart61 also recognizes our voice (only on the maps for Europe, for now). Thus, we do not have to take our hands off the wheel if we want to change the route, find a gas station or a restaurant with TripAdvisor.

Availability and prices

You can now buy the Garmin Drive 61 and DriveSmart 61 on the Garmin website or in specialized stores. The Drive 61 is priced at 200 euros, while the DriveSmart 61 costs 240 euros . If you were looking for a GPS navigator for your car, now would be a good time to make the change.