AEG RX9, we tested AEG's latest robot vacuum cleaner

AEG RX9, we tested AEG's latest robot vacuum cleaner

When we talk about cleaning robots we think, above all, of motorized round products that circulate on their own at home. And more or less true. However, prestigious brands such as AEG also have more serious, powerful, effective and yes, expensive alternatives . However, therein lies the difference between moving dust and dirt around and actually vacuuming it up. And the AEG RX9 is of the second.

It is a smart robot vacuum cleaner . Not only can it sweep and vacuum dirt from terraces, hardwood floors, carpets and rugs, it also does it efficiently and in a hurry. Taking advantage of its magnetized brush to collect dirt from the corners and take it directly to your vacuum brush. All this being able to control the process from the mobile phone, miles away.

Of course, it is a quality robot vacuum cleaner. Something that can be appreciated in its elaborate design, in the room recognition technology that it includes and in its effectiveness. What is also noticeable in its price. The AEG RX9 costs 1,000 euros , like other design and quality options on this market (Dyson 360 Eye), far from less efficient products such as iRobot robots.

Triangle-shaped design

Neither round nor tank-shaped. The AEG RX9 has a triangular design that the German brand calls Trinity Shape. And it is not random or a way to distinguish yourself from other competitors. The idea is to reach the corners and corners harder . The presence of a circular brush with bristles placed at an angle is also surprising about this design. There is only one in the front right corner of the robot. Enough to get close to corners and pick up dirt. Plus, it's an easy-to-replace magnetic brush, should it be needed.

The front of the AEG RX9 is reminiscent of a shock absorbing bumper . The entire piece has one centimeter of travel in the event of a crash, preventing the pieces from being damaged. Something that also helps protect the camera technology and lasers that are integrated in this kind of bumper, and that we will discuss later.

In the center of the triangle, at the top, is the collection box. A 0.7 liter capacity cabin, with a water washable HEPA filter capable of collecting small particles and allergens. There is also a whole front of controls to manually manage the robot or to know its status. Or even the time.

An all-terrain robot

If we turn this robot vacuum around, we find a front opening just over 22 centimeters wide . This is where the PowerBrush vacuum brush is located, made of rubbery material, which collects all the dirt regardless of the type of surface. We also see, below, the load pins and the retractable wheels.

You have to know that the AEG RX9 is capable of climbing obstacles up to 2.2 centimeters high. All this knowing that you will not rush down stairs and openings thanks to its intelligent three-dimensional vision . Plus, it never gets stuck under surfaces like low tables, sofas, beds, and other structures. In fact, it can be inserted under many of them thanks to its height of 85 millimeters.

an off-road robot

It must be said that the AirExtreme technology included in the AEG RX9 is noticeable on every surface it is on. The speed and power of the brush and the aspiration allow to collect all kinds of particles such as animal hair from hard surfaces such as carpets and rugs . Always recognizing the terrain and surface and adapting to every need.

3D vision

One of the key features of the AEG RX9 is its vision system. They call it 3D Vision, and it consists of a camera on the front bumper and a system of cross lasers on each side. That and a lot of logic, of course. The camera thus detects objects in front of the robot, while lasers help identify their distance and presence, even when there is no light in the room.

3D vision

With all this information, the robot vacuum cleaner can recognize the environment in which it works. High obstacles, possible cliffs, corners, walls, carpets ”¦ You even know if you are in short-pile carpets, which vacuum like normal floors; of medium length to which it dedicates a special pattern, and avoids those with long hair over 2.2 centimeters in height .

In addition, if the vacuum cleaner is in large rooms, its 3D vision is used to create a map of the place . A resource with which to ensure the cleaning of the entire space without leaving any gap, and without reviewing parts that have already been cleaned. Of course, in our tests, in smaller spaces, this cleaning pattern is somewhat different.

Emptying the drawer

The AEG RX9's emptying system is really comfortable. And pretty clean if you take a little care. The collection space is located at the top of the robot vacuum cleaner. Just press on the silver plate to extract it easily. No jerks or struggles. By the way, this cabin activates a visual alert on the robot's control panel when it is full , to empty it only when necessary.

emptying the box

Once extracted, it only remains to open the box and shake it to extract the dust, crumbs and all the sucked dirt. This cabin features a filter that also folds out with a simple push to access the second HEPA filter. In this, a tab allows its extraction in a simple way. And what is better, it is possible to clean it under water .

Putting everything in its place is just as easy. Everything clicks into place and you just have to press the box against the robot until the plate snaps back into place. An emptying of this cabin hardly takes one or two minutes . It is fast, comfortable and clean for the user.

HEPA filter

Use experience

We have been able to test the AEG RX9 first hand. And we have done it in a home with quite irregular spaces in its rooms. A total space of about 50 square meters where the AEG robot has developed quite freely. Here its triangular shape and its 3D vision have made the difference , allowing to rush in corners and corners without ever getting stuck. Except for a carpet with long threads that got stuck in the main roller.

Cleaning is quite effective. And we say a lot because, although it reaches the corners perfectly, and removing chairs and possible obstacles, there are places that it forgets. And is that the trajectory does not seem entirely logical in small spaces. After recognizing places like spaces under the bed, there are times when you decide to go under it and other times when you don't. Also, your vision sometimes seems to recognize insurmountable obstacles that are not . This ends up being small sections of some rooms that are left uncleaned.

aeg rx9

As for the quality of the vacuum, there are no complaints. Dust, crumbs, grit, hairs (human and animal) ”¦ everything is picked up by the robot. It may be its lack of intelligence in small spaces, but its powerful aspiration and its several passes through the same places ensures that nothing is left on the floors .

We cannot forget about the noise. According to AEG, your AEG RX9 produces about 75 decibels of noise during cleaning . Of course the noise is audible and noticeable. Impossible not to notice, in our tests, that the vacuum cleaner is working. As much for the noise of the movement as that of the aspiration. This has two aspects or readings: on the one hand it only certifies that the vacuum motor is powerful and efficient. A price that must be paid for having carpets free of hair and particles. On the other hand, although it may be annoying, it allows us to know, almost involuntarily, if the vacuum cleaner is running or if it has encountered an insurmountable obstacle.


Smart autonomy

The AEG RX9 has a battery 2500 mAh high density . It is a suitable battery for current spaces. Collected and not too wide. As long as you want a quick cleaning, of course. In our tests, the space of about 50 square meters (with complex layout) has been cleaned in 30 minutes . In it, spaces alternate with platelets and carpets, and the robot's battery allows it to do everything with a single charge. Of course, if we clear all the spaces so that it covers the largest possible surface, some sections require hours of recharging to be able to finish all the cleaning.

AEG RX9 when the battery runs out, automatically searches its charging station for autosuminstrarse energy . Once this process is complete, the robot returns to the point where it stopped vacuuming. And there it continues until the cleaning of the entire home is finished or until the new battery charge is finished. Charging time exceeds 3 hours.

smart autonomy

The AEG RX9 has a saving mode. It is practical for second cleanings or when there is less dirt in the environment. It is the Eco mode , more efficient, with which to stretch the autonomy about 10 minutes. A mode that is also less noisy, although not as efficient in cleaning.

Remote control

To improve the user experience, AEG has an application with which to remotely control the AEG RX9. It is AEG RX9, available free for both Android and iPhone mobiles. With it, you just have to register the robot, which can be carried out with the scanner included in the application . After connecting the device to the home WiFi connection, it is now possible to fully control it from the mobile.

remote control

In the application we can activate and send the robot home at will . As long as you have enough battery, of course. In addition, you can activate the Eco mode or even the Spot mode, which cleans specific points where the robot is placed.

However, the most interesting thing is to plan cleaning schedules . It is possible to specify which days and hours to start, so that the AEG RX9 does it automatically. In addition, it is possible to know the status of the robot just by accessing the application. This way we will know if it is charging, stuck, in the cleaning process or returning to the station. Even when we consult it outside the home. What we will not be able to see is a plan of the house to know in which areas it has acted.

aeg rx9 app


The AEG RX9 is a quality robot vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner catches particles, dust, hair, crumbs and everything on the floor or carpets. And surprisingly, you practically never get stuck with anything. In our tests, only a long-pile rug has wreaked havoc by getting stuck in your brush. The good thing is that, in addition to warning by means of a sound message (in Latin American Spanish), the unlocking process is simple. We also especially liked that it is not a violent robot. It hardly collides with any surface, and if it does, its bumper design allows for a soft hit. All this with complete control through the application , so that we do not have to bend down at any time to manipulate it.

Get to the corners

Aspirating efficiency

Remote control from mobile

Instead, there are some areas where you could improve. One of them is the cleaning pattern in small spaces. It is erratic and inefficient . While in large spaces everything stays clean without going through the same place twice, in small spaces the AEG RX9 seems to get a bit clumsier. Leaving some places uncleaned even. Its autonomy is also one of the points against, needing several hours to clean large surfaces if you need to recharge. Although the latter is something that happens with all cleaning robots, not only with this one from AEG.

Lack of a smart cleaning pattern

Too fair autonomy